The current data on smoking shows that, in the United States, it is the number cause of preventable diseases. More importantly, one out of five deaths among 480,000 deaths every year is caused by smoking.

In 2005, it was reported that there was a 20.9% decline of smokers in the country. In 2018, statistics showed that 18 years old and above had said having smoked at least 100 cigarettes during their lifetime.

Nonetheless, in the same year, there was also an increase in individuals who have quit smoking. One of the reasons cited is that they were able to quit is because of the support of their friends and family, and even with quitlines.

Smoking quitline and coaches have been supporting individuals for years, and if you’re unsure, here are the reasons you should call now:

1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)

The quitline has Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese phone support. These are confidential calls, and the quit coach is highly trained in their field. The support also provides stop-smoking classes, which can be a valuable complement from your doctor’s care. This quitline is available in the United States.

QUIT Coaches

These are individuals who are trained in helping and coaching people who want to stop smoking. These coaches understand what you are and will be going through in the process as some have been smokers in the past, as well.

Besides coaching, they are here to listen, support, and encourage you on your journey. These coaches also provide helpful tips and, similar to the quitline, all information you share is private and confidential and will only be used to help you navigate your journey.


Coaches are also here to help you find resources and medication as you journey to quit smoking. The quitline and coaches can connect you through the right programs and healthcare providers in your community who can provide smoking medication, when necessary.

Some of these medications include nicotine patches and gum to help you quit smoking. Remember that these are free medications and can be provided to you in the first two weeks.

Helpful Tips to Manage Quitting Process

The coaches in the Quit Now program are not just here to listen and support you. They are also trained in providing tips for making sure that you get through the journey, power through, and remain smoke-free.

They are here to help you deal with the craving for nicotine and the physical and emotional effects of withdrawal. Moreover, the coaches are here to help you get the right support from the people around you, the websites, and apps and text programs.

Other hotlines and means that can help you quit smoking include the following:

  • Text Programs – provides a 24/7 text messaging hotline to advise and encourage those who quit smoking. You can quickly sign up to the hotline and opt-out any time you want. Some of the text hotlines are SmokefreeTXT, SmokefreeMOM, DipfreeTXT, and text hotline for teens.
  • Social Media – SmokefreeUS also has strong online support through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. They also have groups for women and veterans, which you check out here.
  • Apps – there are also free apps that you can download and use on your IOS and Android phones to help you quit smoking. These apps include QuitGuide and a quiet start.

Quitting smoking can be difficult, especially if you do it alone. Quitlines work because people need to be supported in these difficult times, and working with quit coaches, establishing a routine and plan that can help you quit is essential.

The process has to be personalized and must fit your needs and lifestyle. So, call the quitline now and get started!

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