What is SEO, and why does it matter? If you’re a local business owner, SEO is critical to your success! Learn more about Search Engine Optimization now.


With millions of websites existing today comes the easier access we have to information. And to get the information we rely on search engines such as google, bing, or even yahoo. But how do these search engines find out what information is worthy of being on the front page? They find out how useful the information on the article is through search engine optimization.


Now, what is SEO? Search engine optimization or SEO for short is a term that most website owners or bloggers are familiar with. It is a vital part of making sure that you dish out quality content on your website and remain relevant. No wonder people look up “what is SEO” frequently on google.


How significant is the importance of SEO is a question that you probably want to know right now? Well, having proper SEO allows you to get on the front page of search engines.


That’s a big deal considering most people don’t even flip to the second page of the search engine when looking things up! So, being on the front page of search engines is what sets apart successful businesses and websites to ones that aren’t. If this post seems overwhelming and you need the help of an SEO expert, you may want to consider our NYC SEO services!


What is SEO?


You probably already know that SEO stands for search engine optimization, but what exactly needs the optimization? Is it the content? The design maybe? Maybe the titles?

All of them require the proper optimization if you want to land on the top pages search engines! A more straightforward way of putting this is that SEO is the process of optimizing or improvising your content so that a search engine would be more inclined to put it on top.


Think of it like this, in SEO there’s the website, the search engine, and the person searching. If you have a blog post about the best wallets, you want the search engine to show it as a top result for people searching for the keyword “best wallets.”


SEO for a website is the thing that works behind the scenes that you have to work on to make Google very likely to include you on top results. You can also view it as SEO for a website is a parallel of a job recommendation. So the importance of SEO is Quite apparent.


How To Properly Optimize Your Website


Now that you know the general gist of what search engine optimization is, how do you put your website at the top of the rest? You have to realize that these search engines view the algorithms of sites.

These algorithms are the hidden treasures that aren’t seen by most people. SEO for a website has to follow four essential rules for optimization.


Word Use is Important


Search engines account for every single word on a web page. This helps them narrow down results when someone looks up a keyword on the search engines. So when someone looks up “Glassware” the search engine will only show results that are related to glassware.


Choose Your Titles Properly


Each webpage has an official title that you may not see because it’s hidden in the code. Search engines will pay very close attention to the page similar to how a book’s title does. When trying to make your webpage go up to the top, make sure that the title is short and summarizes the content.


Links or Recommendations are Important


When one page links to another, it’s usually considered as a recommendation. This indicates that the webpage has excellent and reliable information. The more links, the better it looks to search engines. Some people try to capitalize on this though by buying bogus or throw-away websites and make them link the main website. This is called black hat SEO. Doing this will get you banned by Google QUICK though, so be warned!


Reputation is the Key


The higher your reputation is, the higher the likelihood that search engines put your future articles and blogs on top! To increase your reputation, you have to polish and improve on all of the elements mentioned above.


Final Thoughts


Hopefully, this made you answer the big question of “What is SEO.” And how you can both see the importance of SEO and how you can further improve your website and better optimize it. Make sure you stay thriving at the top page or even at number 1 with the help of search engine optimization.


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