Getting takeout and outdoor dining is now on full swing in Long Island, and people are thrilled to have it available again! Although things aren’t likely to go back to normal anytime soon, restaurant owners and customers alike have embraced that reality and choose to instead look past that. Embracing the new normal’s reality, making the most out of tiny victories like these as much as possible!


With many different options on where to order, choosing the best out of the bunch seems impossible! With options such as restaurants that offer DIY pizzas, DIY burgers, clam bakes, and loads of different seafood options, where do we even begin?


Don’t worry, and we’re here to help! Here are 8 of the best takeout restaurant options available in the Hampton’s.


8 Restaurants Options in the Hampton’s for Takeouts


Silver Lining Diner


Recently opened for takeout orders, Silver Lining Diner offers classy dishes that’ll make you order seconds! With classics such as their fried chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, turkey clubs, and even lobster rolls on a potato bun, what’s not to love?


They even provide family-style meals that you can eat on your own or share with your loved ones!


Union Burger Bar


The burger destination for many residents in Southampton, Union Burger Bar, is a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they have unique chef burgers that you can order straight away, but they also have the option of ordering a B.Y.O Burger.


This attracts people to the restaurant, the idea that you can build your burger from the bun, patty, to even the toppings that you have!


They also sell cocktails for takeout along with other choices of sandwiches. This is a perfect choice for burger enthusiasts or people who want to have a cheat day that they’ll never forget!




This is a unique restaurant because of the availability and variety of what they cook. They have a rotating menu of Korean tacos on Tuesday, ramen, and Malaysian curry on Thursday, and a kick of the Mediterranean’s spice on Saturday!


Their food is fantastic, and the variety that you get makes it so that it doesn’t get repetitive and stale quickly.


Baron’s Cove


If your taste buds are yearning for seafood, Baron’s Cove is the place to go. Highlighting the east end’s seafood bounty, they sell a wide selection of seafood that is always guaranteed to be fresh!


From black sea bass with white wine herb sauce, fresh oysters, and many more, make sure to not cheap out on what you order or regret it.


Topping Rose House


Fresh ingredients, harmony in how they cook and serve the dishes, and flavors that your tongue has probably never even experienced before. Those are perfect descriptions of what it’s like to order and eat Topping Rose House’s dishes.


Most of the greens and produce that they use in the restaurant is grown out of the hotel’s vegetable garden to ensure quality control, and their ingredients are also incredibly fresh.

You can order a shrimp salad, roasted Maine lobster, or even Wagyu beef tenderloin! You won’t regret ordering from this fantastic restaurant.


The Palm


Located in The Hunting Inn, The Palm has prepped their wild selection of dishes for takeout! There’s probably at least one dish in their menu that’ll tickle your fancy from seafood to even steaks.

They even offer DIY steak kits that contain two fresh raw steaks (you can choose between rib eye, strip, or filet mignon), an uncooked starchy product, and raw vegetables that can feed two people for a fancy dinner!


Check this place out if you want to get you and your special someone a great dinner!


Le Bilboquet


A French restaurant in the middle of Sag Harbour, Le Bilboquet, brings you south of France vibes despite being a waterfront restaurant. They make dishes such as burrata with cherry tomatoes, cajun chicken, lamb burgers, and even homemade foie gras!


If that’s not enough, you also have many dessert options from Tarte Tatin and even a fantastic chocolate mousse! If you want some of that French flavor to spice up your quarantine meals, you should order some of their dishes for takeout!


DOPO La Spiaggia


Located in East Hampton, last but not least, we have DOPO La Spiaggia. This upscale Italian restaurant serves its entire menu for takeout, so if you miss any of their dishes, you can order them right now! Dishes such as branzino sauteed with spinach and tomato and trofie pasta can be ordered with a simple call!


If that’s not enough to entice you into ordering their food, they added family-style specials into the mix! Pasta dishes such as lasagna and even a whole snapper can be enjoyed with your entire family. They have a wide selection of cocktails!


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