Your house needs a makeover, and you know it! Your interior may be dull, cluttered, or generally just lacking the looks to appeal to a specific aesthetic. Making the most out of the rooms that you have and having a vision of what you want are the keys to success when it comes to redecorating.


However, not everyone has the eye of an artist nor the skill and craftsmanship of a professional interior decorator. Don’t fret; these small redecoration steps will get you on the right path to having a beautiful interior. So without further delay, here are our…


Small Redecorating Steps to Spruce Your Space


Proportions Matter


Suppose you’re redecorating your interior, proportions matter. Matching the size of the decorations and the items inside and making it proportional to the size of the room makes it flow together really well. If you’re working with a cramped and small place such as a small bathroom, try keeping the accessories short as well as having hanging mirrors and small wall-mounted lamps.


Using Wall-Mounted Drying Racks


Wall-mounted drying racks are an incredible sight to see in a bathroom. It lets you dry towels in a convenient place, and some drying racks can even expand and collapse when needed! Bonus points if they can hold more than just one sheet at a time.


Drying racks are versatile too in the sense that you can also place them in your laundry room to dry your wet clothes or in the kitchen to hold hand towels and kitchen cloths!


Utilizing Wall Space


A lot of people don’t realize this, but focusing on using standing lamps and cabinets makes rooms feel tight and incredibly claustrophobic. Focusing on furniture and decor that sit on top of tables and cabinets makes rooms lack depth and in some cases, even makes rooms feel cluttered.


Utilizing wall space not only makes the room feel more sophisticated, but it also gives you more space to walk around in! You no longer have to tiptoe around because you might tip over a vase if you have most of your decor on the plain walls of your rooms.


Make your walls work overtime and try to utilize them as much as possible when redecorating your space!


Show Off Your Pantry


Looking for a place to store your pantry without it looking like a sore thumb is hard. Most people opt to hide them entirely, but then it just becomes cluttered and seems disorganized. If pantry space is your only problem, later try to show it off instead of trying to hide it discreetly!


Making this look good isn’t that hard either, make a shelving system using tall shelves and spice it up by adding breathable baskets to house your pantry items! You can even use steel storage baskets that have casters so that it makes the process of getting things from the pantry a lot easier.


Stairway Potential


There’s a lot of untapped potential to staircases and the space under them. This space is typically overlooked because it’s the last place you’d think of when you hear “redecorating”.


Staircases can house anything that you imagine can think of. You can integrate shelves underneath to give you more storage space, you can add in a little patch of greenery in the form of potted plants and a faux grass wall, and many more! This about your house’s aesthetic and what it needs more of and try to add it in spaces such as this.


High Draperies And Curtains


Here’s a tip on how you can make your ceiling look higher than it is, place your drapery rod as high as you possibly can when you install them. Around 2-3 inches below the crown molding and you should be good to go!


Getting a longer drapery rod is excellent as well because it makes your windows look more extensive.


The Wonderous World Of Mirrors


This may seem ridiculous, but placing mirrors around your house gives you the illusion of having more room. Although surrounding yourself with mirrors is probably too much, having a mirrored backsplash in your kitchen or a large mirror inside your bedrooms may freshen them up and give it a more minimalistic look.


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