Companies all around the world have taken a progressive step forward by partially or fully implementing telecommuting. This improves the work ethic and comfort of workers that can do this, but it also dramatically boosts their work quality.


This overall boost in productivity helps improve not only smaller businesses but also large scale one s that are testing out new ways of utilizing the internet. Telecommuting or working at home is more accessible and helps employees balance their work and social life.


Top 10 Work from Home Apps


To help you shift to a more digital work from home form of business, we’ve compiled 10 of the best apps to help with the management needed to pull off work from home.


World Time Buddy


This is the perfect tool to use if you’re a company or employer that has to manage workers worldwide. World Time Buddy, as the name suggests, let’s you compare different time zones at a glance.


But why is this important? This is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to scramble through google to find the time zones of each respective worker.

Secondly, this helps a lot with managing and planning scheduled meetings and collaborative work. Lastly, this is an excellent way of setting reasonable deadlines and contacting employees at appropriate times!


No need for confusion, bridge the time gap with World Time Buddy!


Clockify to Track Time Remotely


This is the easiest way you can track your team’s work hours. With telecommuting and people working from home, employers will want proof of the hours that their employees are spending on projects. This is especially true for people that pay by the hour.


Clockify makes all of that more efficient and well organized. Your employees can start the timer when they begin working on a project and label each part based on what aspect they’re working on. They can even time the regions where they aren’t working, such as breaks.


Asana to Share Tasks


This app helps organize projects and assigned tasks in an orderly manner. Asana allows for a less hectic task list that helps with making sure that none of your workers accidentally miss a project task.


There are list boards that look like essential to-do lists, and there are boards that are card-based and are movable to track progress.


Slack for Work form Home Communication


A communication app that’s great for handling a team and individual employees. Slack lets you create public and private message boards and channels, making communication easier.

The message is sent almost instantaneously as well, and the app is well optimized and barely freezes.


Zoom for Conference Calls


We all know what Zoom is. It’s a video chatting platform that allows for one on one or group calls and training. Communicating through text is sometimes not enough, and Zoom is great for sudden video conferences or meetings.


Zoom can also fit 100 video call participants or 100,000 view only participants, making it an excellent tool for larger companies.




Doodle is a coordinated calendar app. Having a doodle is essential if you notify your workers of their deadlines without sending emails. There are also Doodle polls that your employees can fill up.


Manage your team in a coordinated fashion from anywhere around the world with Doodle!


Google Drive for File Sharing


Google Drive is one of the most essential collaborative tools on the internet. You can share documents, videos, images, and even files. It also helps you collaborate with documents, presentations, and spreadsheets! You can learn more about Google Drive here.




For keeping employee engagement high and productivity loss low. 15five is an app that gives your employer a fifteen-minute survey about insightful questions regarding the quality of management and teamwork ethic!


As the employer, this helps you act upon the data and change what you deem fit. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee!




Forest is an app used to increase productivity and focus. It’s an app where you plant the seed on the app if you want to focus. The less you interact with your phone, the more it grows! If you leave the app, the tree slowly withers and dies.



MyNoise is an all in one ambient noise app. It aims to keep you focused during crunch time where you have to focus, and it helps with relaxing during breaks as well.

The best thing about MyNoise is the variety of ambient noise it brings. Most videos usually only have one noise like rain or the sound of nature while MyNoise has a colorful combination of different sounds!


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