This post ‘Take Care of Your Mental Health – 7 Exercises to Keep Calm’ is timely considering the stress we are all under! With billions of people staying at home to work and schools shutting down inevitably converting to online classes, times are incredibly stressful for everyone.


Not to mention that grocery stores have empty shelves for the first time in a while. The uncertainty that the pandemic has shrouded over everyone is making people feel hopeless and anxious. We’re all asking what’s going to happen next while experts are trying to find a cure for the virus. It’s normal for you to feel anxious and hopeless when there’s a global pandemic that is currently changing the way we live. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no way you can cope with the situation.


Besides following our site for positive news, here are some ways to keep calm and take care of your mental health with the stress and anxiety amidst the pandemic.


Limiting Media Consumption


Although you should probably keep reading and watching the news for updates on the Coronavirus, obsessively checking every few hours is bad for you and your mental health. Being informed is vital, but not when it becomes excessive, obsessive, and inherently toxic for your mental health.


During natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or even now during a global pandemic, the more you’re exposed and engrossed in the media, the more distressed and anxious you’re going to feel.


Making a Routine


The chances are that before the pandemic even happened, you already had a set routine that you followed every day. Because of the changes that are happening and the sudden shift to the new normal, that routine probably became more challenging to stick to.


Routines are what makes us productive and can even keep our minds off of the stress of having to work at home during a global pandemic. Try making a schedule for yourself with small breaks during work hours. Make sure to squeeze in a bit of exercise on your routine as well as it would do wonders for your physical and mental health!


Connect with Friends


It’s difficult going out with friends because of the social distancing rules that everyone has to follow. Although younger people have less of a chance of being infected, they can still become carriers.


However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely cut off from your friends and all of the people that you love. Staying connected digitally with your friends by messaging them or going on group calls with each other can help you unwind if you’re stressed or anxious.


Scheduling regular phone calls, Skype calls, or regularly chatting with people can make a difference in our mental state. Talk about literally anything under the sun instead of being fixated on the pandemic.


Have Each Other’s Backs


Instead of stressing about your life in shambles and feeling out of control because of the pandemic, think about things that you can control, such as preventing the virus’s spread by practicing social distancing and washing your hands. But it’s not only limited to that.


Having other people’s backs and looking out for each other during the pandemic is great for copying and resetting your mental state. That sense of purpose you get when helping out neighbors, friends, loved ones, or even colleagues can brighten your day.


Keep Your Mind Off Of The Pandemic


It may be difficult, but trying to keep conversations about COVID-19 to a minimum is what you should also be focusing on. Being amidst a global pandemic is terrifying, but it’ll only worsen our state if we focus on it too much.


Try talking about literally anything else such as pop culture or recently released games to take your mind off of things.


Taking Short Mental Resets


One of the best ways you can cope with anxiety is by doing activities that keep you off of the stress of work, school, or the pandemic. This is what we call mental resets, and these activities usually help you cool off and relax. This not only makes you more productive but also keeps you from spiraling into a pit of despair.


One form of a mental reset is going on a short walk in a place that isn’t too crowded, you should avoid people and practice social distancing, but you can also enjoy the scenery of being outside. You can also meditate if you don’t want to risk going out.


Knowing That You Aren’t Alone


Fear, anxiety, and unrest are our natural responses when put in a situation where we don’t fully understand what is happening. When that happens, people tend to spiral into a pit of anxiety and depression because they assume that what they’re experiencing is only happening to them and hopeless.


We hope you found some value in this post, Take Care of Your Mental Health – 7 Exercises to Keep Calm! Especially during this pandemic, you’re going to feel uneasy, afraid, and anxious, but you should always remember that you are not alone.

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