In this post Press Release for Small Business – 6 Reasons You Need One Now, we explain why press releases are critical for business success. Writing press releases has been an advertising tool implored by different businesses to be able to tell the world on recent updates about their company. It is usually sent out to different media platforms to be published (or not).


Since press release classifies as “free” advertising, you have to be able to clinch the one reading it and convince him/her that it is worthy to be published. Having a published story in (a) media platform/s would mean the story can reach more audiences. This is why a press release for small business strategy is something you should include in your online marketing efforts!


However, the entry of the internet and social media somehow changed the game. If you have a massive following in your social media sites, you can directly upload your story or statement there, and it can be picked up by different media outfits. Whatever changes there may be, one thing remains constant: a press release is an effective marketing strategy both traditionally and digitally.


Press Release for Small Business


Why use press releases as part of your digital marketing strategy? Here are 6 Reasons You Need One Now!


Increase Brand Visibility


When it comes to advertising, exposure, and visibility is everything. That’s why you devise different marketing and advertising strategies so that there will be more people who will know about what you offer.


The more people who know your product, the more chances that you can convert them into a sale, and a press release can help you achieve that. Being visible to your potential clients can help them find you with ease.


Control Your Narrative


Since the press release will be coming from you, you can control your narrative. This means that you can extend your branding and image through that press release, and it will be further propagated by the media platforms who will choose to publish it.


With this, you will be able to control how your customers think about you and your brand. Being constant with your messaging can help you solidify your image to your clients.


Establish Your Authority


By being able to control your narrative, you will also be building your credibility and authority. Through a press release, you will be able to put forward your company’s best feature and do damage control if something unfavorable happens.


How to Write a Press Release


You need to write your press release appropriately, so there will be a higher chance of publication. Journalist are busy people, and they can be snobby most of the time, so to avoid your press release from landing in the junk folder, here are some tips:


Format Your Content Properly


Format your press release based adequately on industry-accepted standards. As mentioned earlier, journalists are busy most of the time. If your press release is written based on industry-based standards, it will mean less editing for them, and it will save them more time – therefore, higher chances to be published.


Use an Eye-catching Headline


An eye-catching headline is imperative for every story. It is an industry-standard that needs to be followed. If you want to capture your target audience’s attention, you have to capture the attention of the person you are submitting it to first.


This means that your email subject must be catchy enough to merit their attention and convince them to read your piece. In the document itself, place your headline in the center and your contact information below it. You can even include a descriptive subheading of 20 words.


Write the Primary Context in the First Paragraph


Following the hourglass format, you have to mention all the main points at your story’s beginning. Press releases are not feature writing where you expect people to continue to read until the end of the story.


Given the people’s attention span, it would be best to place all the essential details at the beginning.


Choose a Relevant Angle


There are higher chances of being published if you choose an angle that has more relevance. For example, your company has a Christmas Tree lighting event, and your trees’ theme is blue ( under the sea).


Instead of writing about the event itself, you can angle it in such a way your company chose the theme because you want to increase the awareness of people about ocean preservation and climate change. This way, you’ve converted the event into something more meaningful.


Use a Quote


If you have a quote that can encapsulate what you want to say, then go ahead and use it. It doesn’t have to be from a famous person, and it can be from your clients or your CEO or one of your employees. Using a quote humanizes your story. It provides a face to write up.


Having a press release published in media platforms can be challenging. You have to establish a good relationship with them and make sure that your story is worth publishing. That’s why you have to use press releases along with other digital marketing strategies.


Sometimes, it can be a long shot for a press release to be published, but it can give you a valuable advantage if you’re successful. And following our Local NYC business blog will surely help you on your road to success!

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