Email marketing is another digital marketing strategy that businesses can make use of to reach out to their target audience. With just a click of a button, you can send out emails to thousands of clients. Simple maybe, you still have to be strategic about it, because it is not always that you get the results you want. That’s why we put together 5 Signs You Need to Update Your Email Marketing!


If your email marketing has been failing you for a while now, then it’s time to step back and reassess your approach.


But worry not, because you will learn how to address that if you continue reading this post. We’re going to discuss with you some signs that your email marketing already needs improvement and suggest ways on how to fix it.


5 Signs (and Fixes) You Need to Update Your Email Marketing, Stat!


Let’s begin:


1. Sign: your email list is not growing as fast as before


If this starts happening to you, then clear as day, there needs to be done to your email marketing. The possibility is they are no longer interested in what they see or not satisfied when they are there, so they either subscribe but leave quickly or do not subscribe at all.


This leads to your email list to slow down, plateau, or even become less.


Fix: To try to fix things, it’s time to give them something new – like a new offer, use exit popups or upgrade your content.


Your offer might no longer be appealing to them. That’s probably the reason why your email ends up in their trash. It’s time to reassess things, think of a better offer. Take time to know your audience more so you would know what the best offer would be you can give.


You can also use exit popups. There are some who think this can be annoying, but it wouldn’t be used by companies if it’s not working. In your Exit Popups, you can use an animated GIF in the background. You can show them what’s in it for them if they subscribe.


Lastly, you can upgrade your content. You can update your blog and include a downloadable cheat sheet. This way, you can get their name and email address.


2. Sign: Your targets simply don’t engage with the message


This is evident if your click-through rate is very minimal. You have the email list, but your prospects have lost their interest anymore. This can be the effect of emails that are too impersonal. Your emails might be making your clients feel that they are just like any other client, especially if you pair it up with an offer that doesn’t suit them.


Fix: Humanize your emails. Don’t email your clients just because you want to sell something to them, tell them stories instead – behind the scenes, other subscriber’s stories, your employees – something they can relate too. This is how you establish online rapport.


You can even email informative content like how new laws can change the industry. The point here is, do not just contact them to sell – this will make them feel that you are just another company wanting to get their money.


3. Sign: You are sending out a blanket message and getting minimal interaction


As mentioned earlier, if you send out the same message to everyone, expect to get a low conversion rate, your clients are not a one-size-fits-all, they are diverse and are on a different stage of their customer journey.


Others just want some information, and others are still in between while others are ready to make a purchase. You need to have different messages for these clients.

Fix: Start segmenting your list.


You can segment your list based on demographic product purchased, location and etc. this will help you frame a message differently based on the information you have at hand.


4. Sign: You don’t know what’s causing the opens and clicks to rise and fall


Your list is not yet segmented, and you’ve just sent out a campaign – surprisingly, there was a great response. The problem is you don’t know what caused it.


Fix: you can start A/B testing your emails. This is best paired with the segmentation suggestion above. By doing this, you will understand what energizes each segment, and you’ll have better chances of converting them.


5. Sign: People open your message but don’t buy


Yes, people are clicking on your message, but why aren’t they purchasing?


Fix: You can start a retargeting campaign. There are some who just want to look around at first but are not yet convinced to make a purchase. Then, why don’t you remind them? You can show your customer as relevant for your site on other websites – even those that are not yours.


If this is done correctly, then you can finally get that important conversion – into a sale.


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