New Faves – takeout and delivery options from restaurants in Manhattan! Restaurants are reopening, and getting your favorite dishes is now possible. Guidelines have remained set to control the Coronavirus spread, though, and now most restaurants have opted only to accept takeout and delivery options for safety purposes.

With hundreds of restaurants to choose to order from, your first instinct is to order something familiar probably. However, it’s about time for you to broaden your scopes and find out about other restaurants and possibly get introduced into a world of whole new different flavors.


New Faves – Takeout and Delivery Options from Restaurants


You don’t have to rely on trial and error when you have us! Here are our favorite takeout and delivery restaurants in Manhattan.




The famous German meat shop owner Schaller and Weber have excited everyone by opening up a new open-air restaurant called Blume. With 20 available seating options that abide by the social distancing guidelines, Blume’s menu consists of patio snacks such as cheese boards, sorbet, and wine. They even have butcher’s meat classics that you should try!


The pastrami on rye is incredible, and so are their BLT sandwiches! If you want to try and dine out while still feeling relatively safe from transmitting the virus, this is the place to go. You can also order in advance and pick it up for a quick takeout meal.


Maki Kosaka


If you want sushi that’s well worth the money that you spend on it, Maki Kosaka is the place to go. For both first-time sushi enthusiasts and sushi connoisseurs, their sushis can please anyone’s palettes and leave you with a smile on your face after eating your meal!


They have multiple affordable sushi sets available for takeout and delivery that feature spicy tuna, snow crab, yellowtail, and even scallops! They even have a small outdoor dining area for people who want a change of scenery.


Dame Summer Club


If summer dishes and English classics are up to your alley, give Dame Summer Club a try. Now a fully-fledged English restaurant, they sell summer cocktails, desserts, and one of the best fish and chips in Manhattan best experienced in their outdoor seating area. They do allow takeout orders, though, and you’ll be at a loss if you don’t try at least one of their dishes!




Nowon is dominating the Korean-American East Village sport serving their best dishes, almost like the short pandemic hiatus never happened. They’re making their classic dry-aged steak burgers with kimchi mayo, cheese rice cakes, and even honey butter tater tots available for takeout and delivery!


If you’re itching for a bit of alcohol, they also have an assortment of drinks such as Korean spirits, beer, and various soju cocktails. Give their burgers a try and the soju cocktails or some beer and get ready to try a match made in heaven!


Saigon Social


If you haven’t tried Vietnamese food but are interested in the flavors you might discover, Saigon Social is the restaurant. Focusing on Vietnamese comfort food, Saigon Social excels at making dishes suited for rainy days where you want to sit down and chill with your loved ones.


They have an assortment of flavorful noodle dishes, rice bowls, and sandwiches that they switch up every week! Make sure you don’t miss the spicy chicken sandwiches and their beer-battered soft-shelled crab too.


They are available for takeout and have outdoor seating for one if you want to try out their dishes under summer!


The Bun Hut


If you want a creative mix of Asian and Caribbean flavors, The Bun Hut has covered you. With bao filled with Caribbean fillings such as oxtail and spiced jackfruit and a lineup of delicious Rotis such as spicy pork and coconut curry chicken, they’re taking soul food to a whole other level!


You can get takeout and delivery orders on their website, so it’s incredibly accessible and easy to order a quick meal to eat.


Dr. Clark


Best known for their incredible lamb, the meat dishes here are served with curry over rice or expertly barbecued to perfection! The dishes are available for takeout or delivery, but they also have outdoor seating and even karaoke to sing to your heart’s content at night until as late as 8 PM!


New Faves – Takeout and Delivery Options


We hoped you enjoyed this article on New Faves – takeout and delivery options from restaurants in Manhattan! Restaurants are reopening, so you can now get your favorite dishes and start eating great again. Check out more of our NYC guides to get the 411 on everything New York City.

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