8 Black and White Classic Films – Nostalgia, great acting, and a story with a memorable plot. Those are usually what you’d hear when people describe classic black and white movies. There’s just a certain charm that only black and white film has that catch my attention every time I go back to memory lane to relive the past.


However, many people have differing opinions. A lot of people dislike old movies because of how different it is in comparison to what we see now in movie theaters and Netflix. The writing was different, and the acting was far from what we’d see now, the editing was usually improvised and unplanned and was more suited for people who grew up around that time.


However, we’re here to show that different doesn’t necessarily mean inferior by presenting you 8 black and white classics from the golden age of Hollywood!


8 Black and White Classic Films We Love!


So without further delay here are the 8 Black and White classic films we love!


The Miracle Of Morgan’s Creek


Starting off the list with a classic satirical romantic comedy about Trudy Kockenlocker celebrating a farewell party in a bar with the boys that leads to her drinking too much and waking up pregnant with a ring on her finger. Directed by Preston Sturges, the script perfectly encapsulates the predicament and exaggerates it with loads of misunderstandings and innuendos.


It is considering the heavy censorship before it’s quite impressive that they got this released on the big screen!


On The Waterfront


If you’re one of those people that tend to stray away from classic action films because of the outdated acting style, this movie is one that you can enjoy. Marlon Brando’s method-acting in this movie is phenomenal and sets the mood for the film.


This tragic crime story about a disgraced boxer turned dock worker because a mafia boss persuaded him to throw a match years ago sounds silly at first. Still, it slowly pulls you in with the compelling story and interesting characters.


Seven Samurai


Antagonized by bandits, a small town seeks the help of wandering Samurai to help them defend it and hopefully permanently drive-off the opposing force. This play on the “gather a team of experts” Cliche that we frequently see in heist movies is employed correctly and drives the story’s compelling narrative even further!


Seven Samurai is one of the most famous Japanese films in history and has also been remade in different forms throughout the years, so it’s definitely worth the watch.


All About Eve


A drama about Margo, a well-known theater actress as she designates Eve, an aspiring actress, to be her new personal assistant. The feud between the aging actress and the conniving Eve who wants to take over her career will keep your eyes peeled to see how the story will progress.


This also features Marilyn Monroe in one of her first roles as an actress!


The Lady Vanishes


A mystery thriller follows young Iris, who is aboard a train headed to London. She befriends an elderly lady who happens to disappear after her bout of unconsciousness. With everyone denying the existence of the elderly British lady, it’s now her job to find her and solve the sinister mystery looming around the train.


Despite being a mystery movie, this film has a bit of everything for everyone. There are some pretty hilarious parts, and there’s also a bit of romance sprinkled in as well!


A Raisin In The Sun


This story about a lower-class African American family living in the racially segregated parts of Chicago suddenly has $10,000 to spend. It is seeking to move to a predominantly white middle-class neighborhood. The acting in this domestic drama is perfect, and some parts tug your heartstrings.




One of the best and well-known Noir films in the 1940s, Laura follows a detective as he investigates the murder of Laura Hunt. Obsessing over the case, he slowly finds himself falling in love with the dead woman.


The Night Of The Hunter


Another Noir film was revolving around religious fanatic Rev. Harry Powell. This serial killer targets women, as he gets released from prison and is on the hunt for the $10, 000 that Ben Harper (a condemned murderer) said that he did. He aims to steal the hidden $10,000 and charm Ben Harper’s widow in the process.


8 Black and White Classic Films We Love!


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