Here are 7 Ways to Speed Up Metabolism and how to burn calories & lose weight fast! Fire up your metabolism and get energized now. A person’s metabolism is what converts the food and water that they eat into energy. It’s also how we regulate our fat and helps us stay fit! However, not everyone blessed with a fast metabolism, and many of us crave it.


All hope is not lost! There are still many ways to speed up your “slow” metabolism without depending on expensive supplements and fake fixes on the internet! Finding this health & fitness article on 7 Ways to Speed Up Metabolism may provide you just the information you were searching for!


7 Ways to Speed Up Metabolism


Here are 7 ways wherein you can speed up your metabolism.


Build More Muscles


Studies show that the more muscle people have, the higher their overall metabolic rate is. And this isn’t just your metabolism when you’re doing something like exercise either! Even when you’re at rest, your body is still continually burning calories. This called resting metabolic rate.


For every pound of muscle in your body, you burn around 6 calories a day to sustain it! This may not seem like a lot, but if you can pile on at least 5-6 pounds of muscle, you mostly burn 3-4 pounds of fat.


Get Ample Sleep Every Night


In every minute of sleep counts when you’re trying to speed up metabolism. Studies show that people who get the right amount of sleep at night gain less visceral fat. Try to develop a healthy body clock and try squeezing in around 8-10 hours of sleep per night.


This won’t just help you speed up your metabolism, and you’ll also find that your mood will improve, and you can focus a lot more than when you had sleepless nights!


Eat, Eat, Eat!


Contrary to popular belief, eating less when you’re trying to lose weight is counter intuitive! It makes you lose a lot of your muscle, causing your metabolic rate to decrease. Your body also adjusts energy expenditure to conserve whatever fuel it has left, making you feel worse and lose fewer calories!

Just make sure you’re not overloading on junk foods and oily foods, though, making you gain weight! Try out whole wheat and stocking up on protein and vegetables to make this work.


Dealing With Stress


Stress leads to a slower metabolic rate. So, if you’re an environment that continually causes you to stress out and be frantic, you will probably gain weight. You start craving for food as well when you’re stressed, making it double the trouble!


Try to find ways to eliminate or healthy cope with the stress instead.


Vitamin D


Suppose you want a supplement that you should be taking. In that case, it’s vitamin D. It helps you preserve those muscles that rev up your metabolism, and popping a vitamin D capsule is an excellent form of assurance rather than having to stress about eating eggs or salmon everyday.


Drink Water!!


If you want to boost your metabolism, drink more water! Studies show that drinking water improves the rate in which healthy people burn calories. Even just drinking 1.5 liters of water a day can vastly improve your metabolism!


Drinking water to start your day can also give you an increased jolt of metabolism! A cup and a half of water are enough for your body to switch from your resting metabolic rate to your current metabolic rate in minutes.


This is because your body slows down metabolism when you’re asleep, and you don’t get it going because you don’t drink water or more much when you’re snoozing.


Snacks Are A life-Saver


You never know when your day will be full of action and strenuous activity, which is why packing snacks and eating them when you feel your stomach getting empty is essential!


Of course, you shouldn’t snack at times when you should be having a meal. But, in situations where you have to delay your lunch or breakfast, having healthy snacks with you such as nuts, yogurt, fruits, or even protein bars can help you go through your day without making your metabolic rate slows down lack of fuel.


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