Do you know of the massive benefits associated with Quora for Business? If not, keep reading! Garnering your audience’s attention and making them perceive your brand as the best in the field is the goal of any business. However, establishing brand authority isn’t as simple as you might think, especially since the information is now widespread and more accessible because of the rise of the internet.


They are merely relying on word of mouth to get people to see you as the superior business isn’t reliable and isn’t efficient. This is why using social media sites is the go-to for many companies to establish brand awareness and brand authority over others.


However, what if we say that using sites such as Quora is better for reliably taking advantage of leadership marketing.


Quora – Why Use It For Marketing?


Quora isn’t necessarily what you’d call a social media platform like Facebook, nor is it a search engine that people use, such as Google. Quora is a more research platform that people use to gather knowledge and know more about the world by asking and answering question boards.


With over 300 million active users, the audience you have is broad, and no matter who your target demographic is, you’ll be sure to find them. The exchanging of knowledge isn’t limited to anything, either. People can ask for tips and tricks, definitions, opinions, and even information on businesses and establishments.


The reason why Quora is so good is that the contest doesn’t immediately get drowned out and fall into irrelevancy. Unlike most social media sites where posts get one or two days of fame before they get one or two days of glory before they get one or two days of glory. Before they get drowned out again, in Quora, the information that people make can still be easily found months or years after it is posted!


Finding Your Audience


The first thing that you should do before you get yourself started is to search up on Quora. Look for the highest-ranked topics, keywords, and the types of questions that get a decent number of engagements and following. Knowing your estimated audience size when dabbling with specific points will help you prepare yourself a lot easier.


Checking to see if your competitors are on the website will also be a wise move. Check if people are talking about them and whether they’re running frequent ads and answering questions. If they’re already using Quora as a marketing tool, then that means you were missing out. If not, take advantage of this opportunity and start making a name for your business by adopting the platform first!


Now, all that’s left to do is make an ad account, and you’re ready to get started!


3 Steps To Jumpstart Your Quora Marketing


Thought leadership is a cost-effective way of asserting yourself as a dominant business in the industry. With 300 million people on Quora who are all searching for knowledge about everything around them (including you and your products), prioritizing how you can give your audience information is much better than being fixated on sales and promotional messages.


Start Engaging – Add To The Conversation


To start the cogs of engagement, you first have to contribute to the conversation. That means that you have to answer questions and show that your expertise isn’t something to scoff at. Show your credibility and engage in discussions regarding your business, products, or the industry.


Interact With Your Audience


Most businesses use Quora as a tool to write promotional material and barely interact with their community. However, even the most well-established brands and companies regularly interact with their audience, and that’s what makes them stand out!


Making your audience feel like there’s a connection between you and them will make them more inclined to follow you and regularly interact with your content. Respond to people when they ask you questions about your posts and answers to build a bond between you and the audience!


Making Use Of The Flywheel Effect


As discussed by Jim Collins, the flywheel effect is an imaginary 5000-pound metal disk on an axle. He says to imagine yourself pushing it so that the shaft rotates. At first, it’s going to be difficult, but it becomes more relaxed and comfortable with each consecutive push.


This metaphor can be related to marketing in Quora. As long as you press on, that axle will be more comfortable and easier to push. To create your momentum, make sure to share, engage, and establish trust and authority through thought leadership!


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