If you haven’t realized it yet, Vegan restaurants are the next big thing. Not only are they catering to Vegans, but they’re also a perfect place for meat-eaters to try a different something. So, check out these 7 Vegan Restaurants in New York City – Our Top Favorites!


For people with carnivorous lifestyles who want to try something different, they’ll be surprised to find how good these restaurants make veggies taste. For those who have been vegans and maintained a plant-forward lifestyle for a while now, this might not be a surprise, but this list will still help them go around New York City.


Contrary to the notion that vegetables and vegan ingredients are bland, these seven vegan restaurants in New York City will completely change your mind.




Beyond Sushi is a restaurant in multiple locations within New York City. They have branches in Nolita, Upper East Side, Union Square, and Midtown. Beyond Sushi takes vegan rolls to a whole new level, and their Sushi is as creative and tasty as those that use raw fish.


They sport a wide array of plant-based ingredients like burdock root, black rice and seaweed. As the restaurant’s name suggests, not only do they serve Sushi, but also a wide array of appetizers and mains like dumplings, giant roasted cauliflower heads, ramen, and ravioli.


Forget raw fish. Beyond Sushi is more than enough.


Visit Beyond Sushi at: beyondsushi.com




Dirt Candy, like it’s a unique name, serves similarly exceptional food. Head Chef Amanda Cohen can transform the most straightforward vegetable and plant-based ingredients to great testing art.


Their menu changes by the season but several dishes like pink salt-roasted beets served like popcorn, brussels sprouts tacos with lettuce wraps, and pumpkin pad Thai are a couple of the notable ones.


Dirt Candy is located on the Lower East Side and open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 12 noon to 9 p.m.


Visit Dirty Candy at: dirtcandynyc.com




Bunna Cafe is an Ethiopian restaurant in Bushwick that encourages diners to eat piles of mashed yellow split peas, sauteed beets, and spicy red lentils with Injera, a spongy flatbread.


The restaurant encourages diners to eat the Habesha way. They often host Ethiopian coffee ceremonies where guests can indulge in cups of dark and robust blend coffee. They certainly live up to their name, Bunna, which means coffee in Amharic.


Visit Bunna Cafe at: bunnaethiopia.net




Night Music, aside from their intimate aesthetic, sports the vibes of a dark and floral cave. Instead of boring chairs and tables, they have fun and intimate ones. What’s impressive, however, is their outstanding and inventive cuisine.


Their vegan dishes are superbly creative. Never in your life would you get that there’s kale hidden in their fried pakora drizzled with pomegranate seeds. They also serve other creative dishes like pineapple and mango lentil spread, and cilantro dip on the dosa.


Visit Night Music at: nightmusicny.com




Peacefood Cafe was launched in 2009 at Upper West Side New York City. It came to fruition when two vegans decided that the best way to promote non-violence was through serving good plant-based food that would convince people.


They were a hit not only because of their advocacy but mainly also because of their array of dishes. Peacefood Cafe serves a plethora of sandwiches, pizzas, salads, soup, and side dishes.


Not only are they amazing at their courses, but they’re also pretty great with desserts, like strawberry cheesecakes and very own twist of grasshopper cookie sandwiches.


Visit Peacefood Cafe at: peacefoodcafe.com




Govinda’s vegetarian Lunch is a Westernized Indian Vegetarian restaurant located in the basement of a Brooklyn hare Krishna temple.

They’re probably the least costly in this list, with a complete meal only costing $12. Their menu includes dishes like black-eyed peas, samosa, potato-and-cauliflower stew, spinach dal, and their ever converted and famous cheesecake.


Visit Govinda’s at: facebook.com/govindaslunch




Le Pain Quotidien is a Belgium chain with a lot of stores throughout cities in America. Ever since they opened up shop in the Upper East Side by 1997, they’ve been a plant-based restaurant.


With them serving vegan dishes for over 30 years now it’s no question that they’ve mastered their craft while focusing on organic, sustainable and in-season ingredients. However, contrary to a lot of the restaurants on this list. They also serve non-vegan dishes if the customer requests for it.


Visit Le Pain Quotidien at: lepainquotidien.com


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