Best Paid and Free Dating Apps for 2020: Dating apps are becoming widely used and becoming a norm when it comes to meeting new people. Because the use of dating apps have skyrocketed due to the pandemic, they’ve significantly improved and have added new features such as video chatting to help further people find relationships.


However, what separates a good dating app from the rest? You don’t have to do trial and error to find the best dating app because we’re here to help!


Best Paid and Free Dating Apps for 2020


We’ve made a comparison on features, ease of access, and reach on a multitude of dating apps to show you which ones are the best for you this 2020! (be sure to comment below on this dating guide!)




What better way to start than with the most widely known dating app that toll everyone by storm. When people think about “online dating,” the first thing that pops into their heads is usually this app. Not to mention the fact that using Tinder is the quickest way for you to find people who are interested in you.


Tinder pushes you to make shallow yet quick judgments about your potential matches through judging their appearance and about me section. Create a profile by dropping in a few pictures and writing a few sentences about yourself, and just like throwing a bottled letter in the ocean, you’re at fate’s hand.


Tinder also has a panic button in case you feel uncomfortable or in danger during a date. Tinder has a free and paid version, and you can honestly find someone using either of the two!




Bumble is a great way to find both lovers and friends in your area. In Bumble, the woman must be the one to make the first move after both of you mutually connect and are a part of the same hive. After that, you have 24 hours to talk and form a connection before the contact disappears forever.


What sets Bumble apart from the rest is that they’ve had a video chatting option ever since 2019. That video chatting option is useful if you want to connect with a person. Bumble has a paid version that makes it easier to find people as well!


Get ready to upload your pictures, flirt with “winks,” and receive daily matches’s freemium dating app experience. isn’t a bad investment considering that by getting premium, you get to find out who has checked out your profile and who liked your photos.


They’ve recently added the option to add snippets of videos and even Vibe Check that lets you hop on a video call with your winks!




With a massive user base and straightforward dating tools that even someone who isn’t well-versed with technology can use without a problem, OkCupid is a dating app that makes sure that you’d get along well with your matches. With constant refining, unique features, and the recent “Flavors” system, without a doubt, you’ll be able to know what your competition is into right away.


Despite the recent cybersecurity claim that OkCupid was prone to hacking, OkCupid has addressed those and further improved their security, but make sure to use strong passwords just in case!




This one is a shocker, but with the recent addition of Facebook Dating, you should try out an app/website. Facebook Dating focuses on building long-term relationships, so if you’re not looking for a hookup, going here is the right choice.


Your dating profile is different from your actual Facebook profile, and you won’t be suggested to match with people you already know on Facebook. It also has a unique feature called “Secret Crush” that makes you choose nine friends on Facebook or Instagram, and if they also make you their Secret Crush, you’ll be matched!




Grindr is a dating app that allows bisexual and gay men to meet up or get to know each other through chat. The app itself is relatively minimalistic, and creating a profile isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is answer a few questions and choose a “Tribe” or type.


Grindr is free to use but uses ads; however, you can get Grindr Xtra (the premium version) to go ad-free and get a few neat features.


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