We are all in different stages of a relationship – whether you are single, happily with someone, just after a break-up, barely hanging on, contented being by yourself – we’ve all been there. And movies are there to capture every moment of it.


These movies, mainly focused on the different versions of love, can help you relate to whatever relationship you are in right now.


Our Favorite Movies for Every Relationship Situation


Now this isn’t an extensive post like The 70 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time, however it is our favorite movies for every relationship situation! So let’s dive in now.


Walk of Shame: For Those Who Are Just Hooking Up


You were watching this movie might make you feel good about doing the Walk of Shame after a one-night stand because this woman (portrayed by Elizabeth Banks), just did one of the most shameful walks of shame.


If we are being interviewed for our dream job, we should have prepared for it. But this woman right here had to face significant hurdles to make her way across the city without her phone, ID, or money to arrive in time for her interview. The reason? She had a non-night stand. See how her story plays out in this movie!


Bridesmaids: For the Only Remaining Single Woman in the Crew


Have you felt like all your friends are getting married and having kids? And there you are, a Bridesmaid all the time. Like they say – always the bridesmaid, never the bride! Kristen Wiig is here to show us how it feels like as she plays the role of Annie, a single woman who is chosen to be the best of honor by her best friend, Lillian. The story took an adventurous turn when her fellow bridesmaid tried to compete with her.


Becoming Jane: For the Strong Independent Women


Who says being single is lonely? Jane Austen’s real-life history, portrayed by Anne Hathaway, teaches everyone a valuable lesson: loving and focusing on yourself is a choice you can make, and it can be the best one there is. Austen chose never to marry but still lived a full life – breaking the stereotype that women who don’t marry are unhappy.


50 First Dates: For the Hopeless Romantic


Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s 50 First Dates can only make you hope to have a love like this. There might be a very slight chance that this happens in real life, but Adam’s character here promised to woo Drew every single day since she had amnesia. Of course, all things ended well with the two, and they lived happily ever after.


Friends with Benefits: For Those who have an FWB


You’d know the relationship of the stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis just from the title. If you are in a physically intimate relationship but without the emotional attachment, then this is the movie to watch. Although, they end up falling in love, remember that this does not happen all the time in real life.


To All Boys I’ve Loved Before: For Those Who Have (a) Secret Crush(es)


For Lara Jean, it’s more than just one. And every time she has a crush, she’d write a letter to him. The letters stayed hidden for a long time until one day, and it got “accidentally” mailed out to the guys. Things ended well with Lara Jean, though, because she ended up being with one of them. So, the lesson? If you want him, get him!


Before Sunrise: For Those Who Believe in Love at First Sight


Will you go out with strangers you met on the train? Will you change all your plans for a guy you met just hours ago? A French woman played by Julie Delpy did that, but it was worth it because it was the start of a beautiful love story. She and Ethan Hawke decided to stay in Vienna for the night since Ethan will be flying out tomorrow. They surely did make the most out of their time while they were together.


Love, Simon: For Those who Believe that Love Breaks Barriers


Love, Simon is a story about a high schooler who came out to his family after falling in love with his pen pal. This story shows us that loving someone means staying true to ourselves and that loving someone also means letting them stay true to themselves. Love knows no gender, and love always wins.

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