Here are our 7 Spots for outdoor dining when raining. Outdoor dining is the new thing with today’s new normal but the torrential tropical rainstorms happening now and then this summer. It might just spoil the fun. Imagine sitting outside on an unprotected table.


One minute you were enjoying your meal, and the next moment, the sky decided to pour hard on you. Your clothes become wet, and your meal is soaking, too.


And when you look around looking for someplace for protection, you see everywhere crowded with other wet diners and pedestrians taking shelter. And the best restaurant can do is give you an umbrella, make the bill complimentary or throw you a towel. There’s nothing much they can do in that situation.


NYC Favorites – 7 Spots for Outdoor Dining when Raining


But let’s not spoil the fun! Some restaurants are quick to adapt to the situation and work their way around this complex issue. Want to dine with peace of mind? We’ve rounded up some restaurants where you can peacefully enjoy your meal – rain or no rain!


1. Emilia’s


Enjoy your Italian favorites outdoors at Emilia’s. They have a tent assembled right outside their store to protect you from both heat and rain when you dine with them. Special thanks to Belmont Improvement District, most restaurants in the area are with tents.


No worries though because tables are still spaced according to health protocols. So enjoy your favorite Sicilian classics like pasta Fagioli soup, clams oreganata, paneled chickpea fritters and veal Marsala under the protection of their white canvas tents!


2. Cafe Luxembourg


Cafe Luxembourg made sure all the outdoor tables were protected from the rain. With a red rain-proofing material hovering over their outside tables, you don’t have to worry about you and your meal getting wet. Just make sure you’ll be close to the building for maximum protection.


All Parisian cafe classics are served here from steak tartare, French onion soup, moules frites, raw oysters and many more!


3. Aquavit


A large white canopy over their diner’s head is Aquavit’s move to protect their customers from any unexpected downpours. Enjoy their Swedish summer menu which includes a seafood-stuffed salad with shrimp, blee mussels, poached salmon, pork schnitzel and seared red snapper.


Serving great meals with great ambiance in today’s new regular – now wonder Aquavit is a Michelin-star restaurant. All thanks to Chef Emma Bengtsson!


4. Chelsea Square Diner


From protecting cars to protecting people – that’s what Chelsea Square Diner did when they converted what used to be a covered parking area to a protected space for outdoor dining.


This red-tented space serves as a haven for diners who wish to enjoy their burger, all-day breakfast meal, pasta or seafood in peace. If those foods are your thing, head to this restaurant!


5. Hao Noodle


Enjoying hot noodles on a rainy day? That sounds so comforting… especially if you don’t get wet while enjoying it! Hao Noodle installed a brown awning between its building facade and densely planted window boxes – enough to give protection to their clients who want to enjoy a good meal.


This Chinese chain takes pride in their citified dishes originating from Shanghai and Beijing. How about some shrimp scallion noodles or three kinds of soup dumplings? Sounds delicious!


6. Shuko


Were they turning a covered alley into a dining area? How creative can these restaurants get! Shuko, a luxury omakase spot located in the 12th street, made good use of an alley. Tables are carefully spaced to accommodate customers against heat and rain. This alley provides plenty of coverage to diners!


Enjoy their sushi roll sets featuring sea bream, amberjack, tuna, trout and other fish and worry nothing about the heat and the rain.


7. Tio Pepe


If you’re craving for a combination of Spanish and Mexican dishes, then head to West 4th Street. You will be greeted by a mannequin wearing a mask and with a warning that you can’t consume alcohol without ordering food. They have a tent set up right outside the restaurant for your protection.


7 Spots for Outdoor Dining when Raining


Restaurants are quick to adapt during these times. From outdoor dining and now to heat and rain protection, they’re all showing they are willing to do everything to make things work.


Let’s all be at par with their efforts and do our share by dining safely – wear a mask, wash your hands and practice safe distance.


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