Want to get (or stay fit) at home? Here are the 8 exercise equipment You need at home. Getting your dream body and being physically fit is the goal of a lot of people all around the world. Especially now during the quarantine period wherein we’re all stuck in our homes with almost nothing to do.


However, a lot of people are riding under the assumption that to be fit, and you have to go to the gym that has complete equipment. Although that does broaden your workout choices, having lots and lots of equipment, and having an expensive gym membership isn’t essential to being fit.


You can still be on a budget and in the comfort of your own home and still get in shape!


8 Exercise Equipment You Need at Home


Many people don’t know where to get started when it comes to home fitness, or working out. To help with that, here are eight exercise equipment that can help you work out at home.


Resistance Bands


Resistance bands are the go-to pick if you want equipment that can help you work on your entire body! With just your bodyweight and a set of resistance bands, you can start burning calories and take on a variety of different exercises!


Resistance band sets are a good buy as well since you get a selection of different resistance bands with different lengths and variations that you can use in bigger workouts or just on their own!




Kettlebells are for the people who want to focus on strength training and still be able to do cardio. This is the perfect choice for people who are serious about their workouts and burning some serious calories.


Try getting lighter kettlebells first and working on your posture and level up from there when you get used to it. However, you could also get a kettlebell set, which gives you a lot more variety and allows you to experiment a lot more.


Yoga Mat


Yoga mats are essential for people who want to practice at-home yoga or for people who want to stretch out their muscles efficiently before and after a workout. Getting a good yoga mat will also save you a lot of hassle, and last you for a long time.


Try getting one with a good grip so you can stretch more efficiently and get your blood flowing!


Adjustable Dumbbells


Adjustable dumbbells are a lifesaver. You can use them in numerous exercises and adjust the weights based on the intensity of the workout! Getting these as opposed to regular dumbbells is a lot more efficient since you only have to own one.


Jump Ropes


Range of motion, full-body coordination and great for increasing your heart rate, what else are you looking for in a piece of equipment? You do need a lot of space to work with so that you don’t end up damaging your belongings, but getting jump ropes for home usage is excellent for building up endurance and burning off calories.


The cardio you’ll get from these bad boys is noticeable, and most jump ropes have comfortable rubber grips. Start slow and increase the speed as you see fit.


Suspension Straps


The best part about suspension straps is that you can attach it to any door or strong pillar or poll in your home. Suspension workouts heavily incorporate pushing, pulling, lunging, rotating, and a lot more movies so you can get a full-body workout by using them too!


High-Density Rollers


Getting a simple foam roller is a must if you’re going to be frequently exercising. It may seem necessary, but that’s what makes it perfect for people who are dedicated to working out at home. You can place it anywhere without a problem, and it’s relatively durable.


You can use rollers to deal with soreness, especially on the legs and shoulders. Using this before and after any workout will lessen muscle strain and help you feel better the next morning!


Adjustable Bench


For workout fanatics or people who want to fully commit to making a home workout setup, getting an adjustable bench isn’t a bad idea. It makes workouts a lot more comfortable, and most of them have footholds that help you with proper sit-ups and curl-ups!


An adjustable one is also great for both storage and versatility. Most of these benches are also easy to store since you can fold it, so you don’t have to worry about space being a problem.


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