Not everyone realizes when they’re in a toxic relationship. Love makes us wear rose-tinted glasses that can mask red flags! Those who’ve dealt with people who were in toxic relationships in the past can more easily spot a bad relationship in progress. But for those who haven’t experienced one, it’s safe to say that it’s relatively difficult for them to realize that they’re in one.


Toxic Relationship – How To Handle and Leave Them


If you every find yourself in a really bad relationship, here’s how you can overcome or break away from it. Remember, no one should ever remain in a toxic relationship!


Realizing That Something Is Wrong


People who are in a toxic relationship are continually moving in and out of denial. There are some days where they notice the signs but their perception of how their partner is making their judgement cloudy, even to the point where they shrug it off and assume that they’re only in a bad mood.


Though there are a few issues that people let go from time to time, especially in long-term relationships. However, accepting the negative traits instead of acknowledging they are there and fixing them is the same as letting a time bomb tick just because it isn’t hurting anyone yet.


If you’re noticing that your partner isn’t taking accountability for their actions, maybe it’s time to have a long serious talk and leave them.


Can It Still Be Salvaged?


Though leaving is probably your best course of action, there are still situations in which the relationship can slave. This is especially true if the toxicity started after a massive shift or moment in your relationship. If you think that’s the case, try to address the root of the behavior instead of just going into a fight.


If this can be corrected, the relationship can be saved (be vigilant though as lots of manipulators say they’re going to change as an excuse to keep you around). However, if they don’t take accountability or don’t acknowledge their toxicity, it’s time to drop them.


Listen To The People Around You


It’s time to take off your headphones and start listening to what other people have to say. The people around you will probably know whether how your partner is treating you is toxic or not. Your friends and family are usually the first people who recognize that there’s a problem, and though they’re reluctant, they’re also willing to talk to you and help you out.


Please encourage them to be as blunt as possible, regardless of whether or not the truth hurts. This is usually where you find out behaviors that you’ve never noticed before or actions that you’ve shrugged off in the past. Your friends and family can even help you through these times and become your pillars of support as you go through it.


Detox – Focus On Yourself


Now is the time to stop being delusional. If you’ve finally ended it with your toxic ex, make sure that you commit to it. No, you can’t remain friends. These types of toxic people will find a way to claw themselves back into your life to spread even more toxicity and manipulate you into getting back together with them. If you let them do that, you’re already at a loss.


The best thing that you can do for yourself and the people around you is to completely cut contact with them and rebuild yourself all over again. Time heals pain and makes you realize things that you couldn’t notice in the past.


Try to focus on yourself and your well-being instead of being fixated on the past. Self-improvement will be your best friend. It won’t be easy, but little by little, you’ll learn to walk to the future by yourself!


Self-Growth And Productivity


You won’t instantly find the right person right when you hop out of the sinking ship called a toxic relationship. Instead of jumping into another relationship and coin-flipping until you get lucky, try focusing on better understanding yourself.


Use your energy on becoming productive, picking up hobbies, basically further bettering yourself as an individual both physically, habitually, and mentally! And when you finally do start dating again and go on the hunt for Mr/Ms. Right, make sure to be cautious and learn from your past experiences.


Remember that it is important to get out of a bad relationship as soon as possible so that you can begin to form new relationships that can grow into great one’s. Relationship guides like this one may be just what you needed to get on the road for positive change in your life!

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