Pets and Plants are two things that bring life to a house. Keeping both of them keeps the house livelier than just a pet or a plant, but many common plants are not safe for common pets like dogs and cats. Some plants can be toxic when ingested. Some might cause seizures, tremors, or even death in severe cases. This is why we cover Pet-Friendly Plants for Your Home in this article.


Even if your dog is the most disciplined, you won’t be around 24/7 to keep track of them, so toxic plants are absolute no-no’s. Don’t fret, though, because some plants are safe to keep with pets.


Pet-Friendly Plants


In this article, we’ll be listing 10 Plants you can keep in your home that are safe for your cats and dogs. However, if you have exotics pets such as reptiles like snakes, lizards, or geckos, we suggest asking the local pet to store what plants work well with them.


Spider Plant


First on our list is a plant that vets and home-owners alike adore. Veterinarians love this plant because it is easy to grow indoors and is very hardy even when not monitored religiously. Spider plants are great at purifying the air and getting rid of many toxins at home.


Ponytail Palm


The Beaucarnea recurvata, more commonly known as the ponytail palm, looks very appealing because of its draping fronds and colorful leaves, and adorably thick stem.


African Violet


The African Violet plant is a flowering plant that’s both vibrant and appealing to the eyes. However, in contrast to the usual flower, these plants bloom beautifully in indirect sunlight, so keeping these beauties in a shelf or a semi-lighted area is definitely something you can do.


Rattlesnake Plant


The Calathea Iancifola, a.k.a the Rattlesnake plant, has distinctly shaped leaves and a great addition to low-light living rooms. They have an easy watering schedule and quite well accentuate a majority of the neutral colored living room furniture because of the funky purple undersides on its leaves.


Calathea orbifolia


The Calathea Orbifolia is known for its exquisite patterns on its leaves. This house plant requires partial shade, so avoid anything like putting it by windows or on balconies. This makes it the perfect plant to put on a plant stand or even a shelf in the bedroom that doesn’t get a lot of natural light


Gloxinia perennis


The Gloxinia perennis is a tropical rhizomatous herbaceous flowering plant. These plants need a sunny window and blossoms in bright shades of purple, pink, red, or blue if kept properly.


Keep the soil most and feed them liquid plant food if you can for at least twice a week to keep them at maximum health. These vibrant colors are sure to brighten up your room.


Venus Flytrap


Despite the overwhelmingly dramatic depictions of this plant in books and other media sources, this amazing plant is actually pet-friendly. It’s super low maintenance and only requires at least 4 hours of direct sunlight while being watered with distilled water.


You can place it on your porch or by an open window so it can feed on flies that might be unluckily curious. It only needs one or two insects a month to sustain itself, so no worries.


Boston Fern


The Boston Fern, one of the lower maintenance plants in this list, requires food only every two months. These plants can be batted at, bitten, ripped up, and taken apart by your cats and dogs, but it will still be safe for them.


Baby Tears


This plant is not only a good beginner plant for aspiring green thumbs, but it is also a good plant for cats. The dripping tendrils attract cats a lot, and even if you place them in very high places, your clever little fur balls will still find away. No worries, though, as these plants are not harmful in any way whatsoever to pets.




Although your pets may or may not like them or their smell, herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme are totally safe for your pet to have fun with. These love direct sunlight, so you can leave them to hang out by the window.


Not only do your pets enjoy them, nothing goes wrong with adding a handful of fresh herbs to your food.


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