eCommerce has started to become a staple in the global economy. More people are inclined to buy online or do online and electronic transactions as opposed to several years ago when scams were rampant.


Now that the stigma about online transactions is gone, it’s the perfect time to understand and grasp the trends of eCommerce, a market with nowhere to go but up in the coming years.


8 eCommerce Trends that We All Need to Know


Here are 8 eCommerce trends that you need to get up to date:


Re-commerce: The Second-hand Market


The rise of online resellers and the online market for used products have seen such an increase this year. With everyone around their houses having nothing but cleaning and tidying up to do, they’re bound to find things they want to dispose of but are still useful.


The second-hand market is on the rise and is currently one of the fastest-growing eCommerce Trends, and it would be a sin not to give it the attention it deserves.


Slick and Progressive Web Apps


Applications have been the norm for quite a while now, but most of them require downloading and sacrificing precious memory space that people might not be willing to give up.


Downloading and installing applications might throw off some people because of the hassle. PWA’s or Progressive that no longer need downloading and can directly be accessed through the net.


The New Brick-and-Mortar Approach


Notable stores like Toys R’ Us and Gamestop are starting to shift from physical retail to more eCommerce oriented transactions. Along with that goes the need to have actual physical stores that cater to a large number of supplies.


Businesses that no longer have the need, instead shift the way their physical stores work. Most of them go for a different approach than just displaying a lot of products and instead try to cater to eCommerce transactions.


And don’t forget to focus on 1st page Google rankings by making Ecommerce SEO a top priority!


Dynamic Price Driving


To stand out and flourish in the highly competitive eCommerce environment, companies have to monitor how their competitors price similar or competing products, take into account the seasonal and yearly demands and react to changes very quickly.


If you stick to the old school way of eCommerce, you’ll be likely to get left behind and experience a very noticeable decrease in sales and revenue. Whenever possible, always stay up to date.


Fast Fashion


With the way the internet has been able to speed up people’s daily lives, it has also greatly affected buyers’ mindsets. They’re more likely to be interested in the “new” things.


Adopting a Fast Fashion approach is the way to go. It ensures that you always have new products or new types of services and your permanent staple ones and that customers never get tired of you.


Providing Multiple Platforms


Like your products, customers tend to prefer multiple options when it comes to platforms. The attention span of a person isn’t as long as it used to be, and to ensure that you take every shot at converting views to revenue, multiple platforms are a must.


You have to be inclusive and make sure your business has at least Facebook Page, an Instagram, a Snapchat, an SMS, and the ol’ reliable website where they can easily place orders or subscriptions to products and services.


Ecommerce search engine marketing companies can also help you sell more, and increase your brands awareness.


Subscription Service Bandwagon


Subscription type streaming service-oriented businesses like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and most recently, HBO GO, have all seen their businesses flourishing because of the way their format works.


Even Spotify and Youtube Premium blossomed because of how convenient and easily forgettable the customers’ expenses are. If a monthly or yearly subscription type of sales is a viable option for your business, it’s an excellent route.


Smart Home Assistants


Smart Home Assistant based Customer service has been garnering love for the past few years and has slowly become the norm.

Currently, launching an Alexa Skill is an easy way to get started. There are a lot of guides on the internet that can help you with it.


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