Local NYC will help you Order Your Next Meal with this local guide post! It was dining outside used to be a luxury that everyone could have as long as they had a place in mind and money to spend. However, the pandemic has made dining out a lot more complicated.


At first, it even made dining out nearly impossible to do because of the strict quarantine guidelines worldwide.


Now that guidelines and restaurant safety precautions have been made to make dining at your favorite local restaurant possible (if if it is only take-out), loads of restaurants all over New York have reopened to accept New Yorkers with sanitized arms!


Order Your Next Meal from Our Favorite NYC Restos


With outdoor dining, contact tracing, and even the option to just get their food picked up or delivered, the only thing you have to think about is where you should go.


Superiority Burger


Nothing beats a classic burger, and if you’re looking for a restaurant that serves one of the meanest burgers in New York, Superiority Burger is the place to go!


This tiny eatery located in the East Village offers some of the most creative and delicious burgers in the entirety of New York. With the “uber-popular” that will make your taste buds rejoice and their flavor-packed burgers, you will be coming back for more after the first bite!


Usha Foods


The go-to vegetarian destination if you’re craving for that classic Indian flavor. Specializing in quick bites to eat, snack and colorful desserts, Usha foods in Queens are definitely the perfect balance of healthy and flavorful!


Want something filling? They have combo platters too, which gives you a little taste of everything on the menu. The rich flavors in the multiple dishes further prove that you don’t always have meat to enjoy your meals.


Ho Foods


Has the cold breath of fall hit you with the urge to eat something that can warm you up from the inside? Ho Foods has got you covered!


With a broth cooked for hours, perfectly cooked noodles, and an assortment of different toppings that come with each bowl, it will send you into a flavor overload! You can even order a few side dishes while chowing down on your bowl of noodles as well, like tofu or a slightly heavier minced pork bowl.


Don Angie


Need a restaurant that can show you a bit of modern flair? Done Angie, located in West Village, is a timeless classic that will make your night extra special, with or without a date!


The lasagna for two tastes incredible and can get the approval of any Italian. Not to mention all of their red sauces and loads of different pasta dishes that you can order.




This cafe comfortably nestled inside the Africa Center is a gold mine for people who find excitement in discovering new flavors. With multiple West African inspired dishes that are waiting for you, this spot is definitely one that you should miss!


They have a selection of the continent’s most popular dishes, such as fufu and jollof rice. They even have a gluten-free menu that you can try out for yourself.


Lhasa Fast Food


If there’s one thing Jackson Heights doesn’t have a shortage of, that is excellent restaurants that take pride in exceeding expectations. Lhasa Fast Food’s specialty is the various Tibetan momos that are on their menu. They even have a chive version
that tastes deceptively good with a side of chutney.


If you want to have a quick bite to eat but don’t want to settle for something bland and tasteless, go to Lhasa Fast Food!


Los Tacos No.1


If you want to have fantastic Mexican restaurant experience in New York, Los Tacos No.1 is probably your best bet. With the taqueria-style counter that lets you see them make the food, watching them make your meal is almost as enjoyable as actually eating your food!


Specializing in a plethora of different taco combinations as the name implies, you’re basically ensured that you’ll be coming for more later on.


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