The pandemic affected every aspect of our lives, and that includes dating. Dating in New York was tough, but it has become even more challenging with the pandemic in the equation. This is why we created this post: NYC Dating – 7 Ways It’s Different Now and Then!


Sure, there are advantages of dating in this pandemic, like taking things slow and getting to know the person better. But it is undeniable how COVID changes the dating landscape. If you can get a different date every night pre-pandemic, you’d be hesitating to even see someone in person now.


How did COVID affect dating? Here are some instances:


Zoom dating is in


Zoom dating used to be applicable only for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. If you’re single and still searching, it makes no sense to do video calls pre-pandemic because you can quickly meet each other in person.


Now, “online dating” has a lot of different aspects to it. If it used to mean swiping left and right, it means going on an actual date but over the internet.


Zoom Dating is now a thing! The best way to connect to a potential partner (at least for now) is through Zoom or other video call applications. There can be different ways to make your “online date” exciting.


In this pandemic, a stable internet connection is equivalent to having a quality date. Having a bad relationship can lead to awkward pauses and miscommunication. So make sure you have a strong connection!


Now you have to think about taking your mask off.


And by mask, we don’t mean revealing your true self. By mask, we mean the actual physical thing. If you ever decide to meet your date in person, it’s always safety first.


Now, you’ll wonder whether you have to take off your mask or not at all. It would be disrespectful if you don’t wear a mask, and it would be weird if they only get to see each other’s upper face throughout the date. So, this must be a conversation both of you need to have before seeing each other – something you didn’t even have to think about before.


You can’t be out late.


No more talking until the morning because bars now close at 11 in the evening. You’ll have to make the most out of your time in the hours that you can be together out drinking in the bar. Time seems to be limited, but you can still make it worthwhile.


You have to find outdoor activities, but it will likely be canceled if it rains.


Yep, you have this to think about as well. If you used to have unlimited choices on where to go on a date before, now you’ll have to do different outdoor activities – enjoy a picnic in a park, go kayaking, dine in a restaurant with an outdoor setup.


The thing is, if the weather is not on your side, then your date might most likely be canceled. Some restaurants that offer outside dining offer rain protection as well. Some restaurants are already offering indoor dining, but some are still reluctant to try it.


Any physical contact is off the table.


The virus is transferred through droplets, so it can be transmitted through a kiss. This can be both a blessing and a curse – a blessing for those who want to avoid kissing on a date and a curse for those who want to do it. Kissing is now equated to risk. Will you be willing to risk it? Maybe not a good idea.


One-night stands are off the table, too. In a period where physical distancing is encouraged, a one-night stand can pose serious threats. You’ll never know if your date has the virus. And there are fewer places where you can do it too.


You need to have the “exclusivity” conversation immediately.


This is a matter of life and death because the virus can be life-threatening. If you want to continue seeing each other, then you’ll need to talk about exclusivity.


You can’t go one seeing each other while seeing other people as well. This just increases your exposure and the risk of contracting the virus.

You’ll have to ask your roommates before you bring someone home.


And it is just right to do so because your date at home means exposing them to him/her, too. We’re not saying he/she automatically has the virus, but it’s always good to be on the safe side.


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