Top 10 Healthy Food: Healthy food is not only exclusive for health buffs and gym rats. Every individual needs a healthy dose of essential vitamins and minerals for them to stay active, especially on their daily grind.


The catch here is that you can get all of these by eating the right kind of healthy food instead of those greasy and salt-based foods that usually are the go-to food for busy people.


Top 10 Healthy Food


If you want to start your journey towards your dream bod and to keep your body in peak condition, here are the top 10 healthiest foods that you can quickly grab in the supermarket to begin your first step for a healthy body. These healthy food are all packed with high amounts of nutrients to give your health its deserving boost.


1. Lentils

Due to its high protein content, lentils are commonly used as an alternative “meat” for the health-conscious. This healthy food from the legume family also contains fiber, which is good for your digestion.


2. Garlic


Garlic is a natural antibiotic that helps you boost your immune system. It is also a perfect part of any meal for anyone with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties to relieve pain and swelling.


3. Dark Chocolate


Do you want to stay happy and, at the same time, keep away from disease and heart conditions? Chomp on some dark chocolates today for a dose of antioxidants and tryptophan to make you smile.


4. Lemons


Lemons provide a potent amount of Vitamin C for your skin and immune system. It also boasts of anti-inflammatory properties and helps in fighting the Big C cells.


5. Beets


Besides having minerals like folate and magnesium which are considered as brain boosters, beets is also one of the best vegetables to decrease your blood pressure.


6. Raspberry


Raspberry is a recommended choice for those who want to have a hefty amount of Vitamin C in their diet, plus some calcium and iron to make the body stronger. You can put them in your breakfast foods such as in oatmeal or eat them as snacks.


7. Avocado


Although seasonal, the benefits of eating avocado is tremendously worthy. It offers folate, Vitamin B6, and healthy monounsaturated fats to help you reduce weight and decrease your risks for heart problems.


8. Spinach


Popeye was right all along when he said that spinach can make you healthy. This leafy vegetable provides a high content of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, folate, protein, and iron for you to flex those bulging muscles.


9. Walnuts


One of the healthiest among other nuts, the walnut, can keep you loaded with essential nutrients such as omega 3, healthy fats, and Vitamin E. It’s not all about the size.


10. Black Beans


The last in our list is from the legume family known not only for its taste but also for its nutritional value. Black beans contain antioxidants, calcium, protein, and fiber as a total package that completes your healthy diet.


Grab these ten healthy foods in the nearest supermarket and start creating a healthy diet with their high vitamins and minerals content to keep your body active!


Stay healthy New York City!

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