2021 is here and business owners are looking for ways to get much needed customers after a hard 2020. That’s why we put together this post on 7 Twitter Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses. Marketing through social media isn’t a new thing anymore. With businesses becoming more aware of the opportunities of marketing online, almost every brand out there has tried it out in one way or another.


However, marketing on Twitter is a whole different story. Although it is one of the leading social media platforms worldwide, what makes it different is the fact that it has a 280 character limit for each tweet! What offsets that is the heavy traffic that it has almost 24/7 and has options such as video and polls that can turn marketing a lot more versatile.


7 Twitter Marketing Strategies


It’s not going to be easy, so here are 7 marketing strategies you can use on Twitter to make you stand out!


Polish Your Profile


Your profile is the most crucial thing that you can polish on your Twitter account. Everything from your Twitter handles to your profile picture has to be recognizable yet straightforward to the people who know your brand!


Make your Twitter handle short and minimalistic, and make sure that it’s related to or is your brand name! Making your handle straightforward will ensure that it’s easy to remember.


Next, your profile picture has to catch the attention of Twitter users as they scroll past their feed. Making it your brand logo is usually the right choice, and it’s also the choice for big brands such as Amazon.


Tweet at Peak Hours


Although Twitter is usually high-traffic all the time, there are peak hours based on what time-zone you’re focusing on. It’s the utilization of these peak traffic hours that your tweets get into the feeds of the most number of people!


You may even get interactions from your audience and better engagement on these hours! Posting in the evening or afternoon of a weekend is a safe bet as most of your audience will be free from school or work.


Using Hashtags


Hashtags are a crucial weapon in your fight against other brands. However, flooding your tweets with a plethora of hashtags can also be your worst enemy! Use too much, and your tweet might drop in engagement, ignore them completely, and you lose out on potential interactions.


Try to use less than two hashtags if possible, and make sure the hashtags you use are catchy! The catchier or wittier a hashtag is, the more likely it’ll catch on.


The hashtag that you choose has to be witty enough for people to use it, so make sure you brainstorm!


Tweet Composition is Crucial!


In this case, size does matter. The shorter the tweet, the more attention it’s going to get! 120-150 characters are the sweet spot if you want to get the most engagement out of your tweets. This is especially true if you’re going to add a link to your tweet!


When placing links, make sure to have a call to action too so that people become more inclined to press on the link on your tweet! It can be anything catchy or enticing that can pique the user’s interest.


Since character count is limited on tweets, make sure the words you use are concise as well.


Usage of Polls


Polls are an underrated way to gamer more interaction for your business. Votes don’t just get you a few exchanges, it also lets you know your audience and their preferences a lot better! You can create a poll by pressing the third icon at the bottom of the tweet composition.


Spend Money on Twitter Ads


Twitter ads are an inexpensive way of getting your brand out there. It makes you engage with potential followers and reach out to a much wider audience. Twitter ads make you gain more prominence in their sea of tweets, and it brings you at the top as a priority on their feed as well.


Keyword targeting makes your ads target people looking up related keywords to your business, so make sure you take advantage of that when setting up your ads! If you’re not sure how to get started with advertising on Twitter then you can seek the help of a local NYC digital marketing agency.


Gaining Influence Through Influencers


When you strike a deal with people with a large following, you’re getting marketing by making them endorse you. When influencers endorse a brand, their followers tend to check them out as support for them!


Make sure that the influencers you choose are relevant to your industry so that your target demographic of people can also be met.


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