COVID 19 has brought damage to every life. According to data, the COVID 19 rate in New York has increased to 95 new coronavirus deaths and 8,126 new cases as of March 06, 2021. From the previous week, the encoded average of cases per day is 7 279. It lessens up to 5% of its rate from two weeks earlier.


If you are looking for an update on the COVID 19 rate in NYC, data is presented below to keep you updated.

COVID-19 Data In New York

The data gathered by New York depends on the reports established by the state, which includes health districts and governments. They publish new data and reports each day. Moreover, New York tends to have a lower number of cases reported during weekends because there are fewer news and sources available. Also, the COVID 19 rate in NYC includes the cases and deaths according to the person’s location.


The confirmed COVID 19 cases and deaths are the true tolls that are undercounted. The announced and recorded data of cases are confirmed by the hospitals, especially by the laboratory tests. Furthermore, the presumed expiration and cases of every individual who meets the basis of kinds of testing, exposure, and symptoms are stated by the governments.

Currently Eligible for Vaccination

The NYC government’s response to this pandemic is vaccination. But, the real question for this is, “Who can avail of the vaccination?” The government said that the COVID 19 vaccine could be feasible in precise groups of New Yorkers like health care and hospital staff, individuals ages 65 and up, and essential workers. Also, the New York government allows the vaccine to be available for people who have health conditions and nursing mothers.

Proof of Eligibility

Underlying Conditions

If you do not have the certification to present or to certify that you have an underlying condition, It’s okay. You don’t have to stress yourself with that. You can simply self-certify to avail of the vaccination. The health personnel will ask you to fill-up the documents that will allow you to self-certify your underlying condition. Others may require some proof to verify that you indeed live in New York.



Are all employed individuals eligible for the COVID 19 vaccine? The answer is no. Since the vaccines are still limited and cannot cater to the country’s whole population, they categorized the individuals according to their jobs. You are eligible for the vaccination if your job requires you to have in-person contact with your clients, being in public places, work with co-workers, or any job that cannot be done remotely.


Additionally, you must show proof that you are working or living in NY. The proofs may include the following:


● A letter from an employer or affiliated organization;
● An employee ID card or badge;
● Proof of work through an application, such as Uber, Lyft, or DoorDash; or
● A pay stub, depending on specific priority status.


Also, some vaccination sites may require proof of NYC residency or residency within certain ZIP codes.


Since the COVID 19 rate in NYC is not yet manageable, and vaccines are limited, the states still remind the people to maintain a safe distance from people. Furthermore, everyone is still advised to wear protective masks or shields when going out in public.


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