Gyms have started to reopen, but many are still reluctant to share gym equipment indoors with other fellow gym goers. If you don’t want to workout in a gym yet, here are some outdoor fitness classes in NYC You need to try!


With the nature of exercise being sweaty and intense, there is still the possibility of a COVID positive individual directly transferring the virus or contaminating the surface. During the early onslaught of the virus, many resorted to doing their workout routine.


But with conditions getting better, outdoor group exercises are more recommended. If you exercise in an open space, the virus is more likely to dissolve into the open-air – lessening the chance of infection. Safety health measures must still be followed, like wearing masks and physical distancing.


Now, it’s extremely important to keep yourself healthy because it is one of your first lines of defenses in this pandemic – strong immunity. If you’re looking at doing exercise with others, outdoor activity is the way to go.


Outdoor Fitness Classes in NYC


So if you’re ready to start working out, we’ve got you the list of outdoor fitness classes available in New York City.


Equinox Yoga on Top of Edge


What do you think about doing yoga 1,100 feet in the sky? Sounds like an adventure. Summon your inner calm as you do yoga at the Edge, the tallest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere.


They have teamed up with Equinox gym to conduct this one-of-a-kind experience. Their morning yoga classes cost $50 per session. Included in the rate is a one-hour yoga class with Equinox at the Edge, a yoga mat for class, and 30 minutes to take a tour in the 360-degree view of the Edge.


They conduct classes every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 am, or Friday at 7:30 am. And we know you’re wondering, nope, you won’t need to pay for an Equinox membership to avail of each session.


You will always be required to wear a facemask except when you are on the mat. The mats are set on a 6-meter distance as well.


Byklyn Cycle


The Byklyn Cycle has been providing classes at 421 Dean Street since last August. To protect their patrons from the heat of the sun, they have mounted sun sails to cover the 18 bikes (spread six feet apart) that their patrons will use.


You can also enjoy a SoundOff music system to keep you company while doing your routine. What’s nice about these cycling exercises is that it is a prototype of a real ride – you can go up hills, practice your speed work, do your intervals, and all the other things you would do for bike training.


They are open every day at various times for $30 dollars per class.


BK Fit


Catch BK Fit in any of these four locations in Brooklyn: Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Bed Stuy gyms, and at McCarren Park. They also have an outdoor gym in East Williamsburg.


This cross-training studio offers 100 weekly outdoor classes. Each workout is varied, so you are assured of an intense but fun workout. They open Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm, and one drop-in class will cost you $31.


Mental NYC at the William Vale


Meditation classes, anyone? The outdoor setting is truly a good ambiance for this session. Mental NYC is conducting socially distanced meditation sessions at The William Vale.


You can choose a morning session every Wednesday and Friday at 9 am or an evening session every Monday and Tuesday at 6:30 pm. The sessions are free.


305 Fitness


Dance with other people with 305 Fitness’ 45-minute dance cardio class at Bryant Park.


These socially distanced dance workouts are available every Tuesday or Thursday at 6 pm, and 7:15 pm and every Saturday or Sunday at 9 am and 10:15 am. Each class costs $30.


Yoga Agora


Yoga Agora is a donation-based $10 per class organized by seasoned yogis. These affordable yoga classes take place at Astoria Park and Open Street on 31st avenue.


Yoga classes are usually Vinyasa Yoga for all levels, but the studio also offers specialty classes for those who prefer something else. Some of the sessions are on a pay-on-what-you-wish basis.




Do you use to just walk around Prospect park? Well, Joanna Paterson is now leading clients to utilize the park’s every space for some exercise. Using different park locations, no two exercises will be similar, making each routine fun and exciting.


We hope these Outdoor Fitness Classes in NYC help you stay on track with your fitness routine!

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