Social Media Optimization; many businesses have little understanding of it. We’re sure you are familiar with SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization, but SEO is one component of digital marketing. While digital marketing continues to evolve, more companies are understanding the need for Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Optimization, or SMO.


Rohit Barghava first coined the term in his blog way back 2006. And that’s where the concept is believed to begin. Since social media has become the hotspot of marketing, continue reading to learn more about SMO.


What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?


Social Media Optimization is a strategy that uses social media intending to increase one’s brand. It goes hand in hand with SEO as it not only there to reach and provide information to audiences in social media but to help you redirect them to your website.


By redirecting them to your website, it will create more traffic and, therefore, improve your Google search rankings.


5 Rules for SMO


According to Barghava, there are 5 main rules to follow to maximize your social media marketing strategy.


1. Link your website in your content


Social media marketing strategy includes a consistent presence in social networks. You have to create content every once in a while, to make your presence be felt.


Maximize your content by including the links of your website, blog posts, documents, and videos in the caption. This will give you’re target audience access to more information about your product. But bear in mind that the first step is to have a catchy content.


2. Allow your audience to share your content in Social Media


Make sure to include buttons that will allow your reader to share your content easily on social media on your website. You can add buttons for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


3. Link Back


It’s a good practice to check those who directed links to your page frequently. Return a favor by linking back as well. This will help you grow your upcoming connections.


4. Make your content viral


The more people sharing your content, the better. That’s why it is essential to think of unique and catchy content because more shares mean more reach. With your links in the caption of content, more people would visit your website.


5. Encourage your content to be used as a reference


It would be suitable for your content to be used as a reference for other content. People reading their content can click on your content and redirect them to your website.


Benefits of SMO


As mentioned earlier, SMO and SEO are now used hand in hand. Both strategies will be healthier if they go together. Once you integrated these two in your marketing strategy, you will reap the benefits faster.


Here are some of the benefits you can get:


1. Content Alignment

Those who are in content marketing understand the difficulty of finding an editorial line. But with SMO, you can align your content better. When you do marketing in social media, you make sure that the contents are consistent. You might be using different approaches based on the social network environment, but it will always be in line with the mission, vision, and brand of the company.


This content alignment will allow you to define patterns, and from there, it will help you identify which ones are working and which ones are not.


2. Reduce Social Media Marketing Costs


Boosting your content in social media can entail costs. Social networks like Facebook Ads Leads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter ad platforms can help you reach people of the same demographics or interest as your target audience. But all this is paid for.


But when they are the ones who search for you, it is easier to know that these people are a few clicks away from making a sale. So why don’t you redirect your budget for Ads into creating a relaxed, has-a-viral-potential kind of content?


This will be a win-win-win for you: you spend less money on social network ads, you virtualized your content, and you’ve directed people to your website.


3. Greater Audience Interaction and Recognition


You can interact with your audience better on social networks. Simple things like encouraging comments, replying to comments, or posting jokes or memes in social media will come a long way in building a relationship with your audience. Social media platforms like Facebook now even allow you to livestream to increase user engagement!


Social Media Optimization Agency


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