So the quarantine has you bored, and your kitchen isn’t looking as pretty as it should be. You don’t know if it’s because you’re bored, or if it’s because you really need a kitchen renovation. One thing you do know is that you want to remodel your kitchen. You don’t know how you’re going to be doing it, but you don’t want anything too significant. So here are 5 easy kitchen changes to help you get that amazing kitchen you always wanted!


Perhaps you’ve started seeing some photos on social media of popular kitchen remodeling trends, and you want to add subtle touches like painting your cabinets with a fresh coat, switching out hanging light fixtures with more modern and minimalist looking ones, or even revamping your backsplash.


5 Easy Kitchen Changes for Your Mini Renovation


Wanting to do a mini-renovation is fun and exciting to do, and we’re totally in this ride with you. In this article, we’ll be listing five easy changes to your kitchen for a mini-renovation.


Additional Storage Space


A kitchen with limited storage space is terrifying. Installing the little things like top access shelves and cabinets can be such a huge difference but not that much of a significant renovation.


Opening the shelves and cabinets you already have can make space feel a lot more light and airy, especially in smaller kitchens. Another right way to get additional storage space is to invest in an island. Adding an island adds so much more freedom and provides your kitchen with a different and more exciting feel.


We’ve seen throughout different projects and minor renovations just how much a mini-renovation like an island installation, getting new cabinets, or refurbishing old ones can change the vibe of an entire kitchen, and we’d love to see it with yours.


Swapping out Hardware


Swapping out hardware like adding new knobs to your cabinets can make your kitchen feel fresher than you’d expect. It’s a simple yet significant impact hard way on how your kitchen space feels and looks.


Even though it’s a little change, adding new knobs to your cabinets can breathe new life into your kitchen. If you’re in a rented space, just keep all the old ones in a box and put them all back in before you move out.


A new fixture makes you feel more comfortable and at home because it gives you a sense of control over the place you’re staying in, even though it’s just rental.


Adding Wallpaper and Repainting


Wallpapers and a new fresh coat of paint can add a modern pop of color to your dry room. These two options each have merit to their own. Wallpapers are more comfortable to remove, especially with the peel-and-stick backsplash type, but aren’t as permanent as actual paint.


Backsplash wallpapers are of good quality, and in comparison to other wallpapers, they don’t look cheap. You can also try adding tiles to your walls if that’s something you want to try, but it might not be for everyone.


Nevertheless, whatever you decide to go along with is sure to add a fresh new look to your kitchen that will get things popping.


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