Looking for advice on establishing long distance friendships that last? You’ve come to the right place! A lot of people are fixated on how to make long-distance relationships work. However, when people think of long-distance, they instantly assume that it’s a romantic relationship and not a platonic one.


Long Distance Friendships


The truth of the matter is that long-distance friendships are just as important to maintain as romantic relationships, especially during times like this. Covid has forced us all indoors and into long-distance friendships. During a time like this, you might get put into a panic and feel as if your relationship with your friends is deteriorating.


Don’t worry, and we’re here to show you seven ways you can keep your friendships safe even when you’re separated by distance!


Don’t Be Afraid of Dead Air


A lot of people panic when there are days when they don’t talk with their friends. The feeling of getting freaked out because you feel like your friends have replaced you or something like that can be overwhelming. It almost makes it seem like the next time you talk, and you’ll both be different people.


Don’t panic. That little bit of silence and dead air that you get when you don’t contact your friends for a while is normal. Chances are, the next time you’re in a call, would feel as if no time has passed since you last go in contact.


Periods of silence are standard, especially during a time like this when we all need some form of solitude to cope with the pandemic. Trying to talk with them all the time will only make both of you stressed out. Just relax and keep in mind that you both have your own lives and things to do!


Make The Best Out of The Time Difference


If you and your friend live in different time zones, make the best out of it instead of leaving it at that and blaming time for why you drifted apart! You can still talk at certain hours or even help each other get out of bed and wake up.


You have to try your best to find the time to update each other or connect to transcend the time difference!


Tagging in Social Media


It may not seem obvious at first, but tagging each other on funny photos, memes, or posts on social media is a way of letting them know that you’re thinking of them. It helps build a stronger bond, and maybe you can get a chuckle or two out of the posts you tag each other in as well!


Make Use Of Group Chats


Group chats are a gold mine for great conversations and stronger bonds to develop! Especially now where most social media platforms allow you to make these, you can invite as many friends as you please in the group and talk about anything.


Update Each Other on Big News


When something big happens in your life, make sure to tell them about it first. It can be anything as long as it feels significant for you. The news you break to them can be a great conversation starter that can end up with the two chatting for hours.


This is a great way of building trust and further strengthening your bond, despite the difference in distance or time! You can also read more about this in our article on friendship building from a distance.


The Wonders of Social Media


Social media makes connecting with friends way more convenient and accessible. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat can help you stay in contact with your friends regardless of where they are in the world.


You can check in on them through the stories they post, and you can even strike up a conversation with them if you feel like it through social media! It’s essentially a platform that can allow us to connect with anyone we want at any time we want!


Schedule Video Calls


Although chatting is already a good way of communicating with your friends through long distances, seeing them and hearing their voices simultaneously makes a difference.


Scheduling video calls through Zoom, Skype, FaceTIme, or other platforms can help you connect better than just exchanging a few texts or calling each other for a few minutes.


You can even turn the video call into something else like an online dinner date with friends or a drinking session. The possibilities are endless! We hope this relationship advice helps you establish Long Distance Friendships that last!


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