There are rough times for people who are in relationships, BUT here are 7 Tips to Making a Long Distance Relationship Work!


Ever since the outbreak started, couples have been forced into long-distance relationships. And even before the explosion happened, people have always been running under the assumption that long-distance relationships don’t work out well that often.


However, that shouldn’t discourage you nor deter you from being in one. Making long-distance relationships work isn’t some magical secret that can only be done by a select few. All it needs is some determination and effort!


7 Tips to Making a Long Distance Relationship Work


Here are seven tips to help you and the love of your life make long-distance work!


Be On The Same Page


Being on the same page when you’re in a relationship with someone is essential. Misunderstandings are a relationship’s worst enemy, and the way you combat that is by being on the same page in most cases.


Of course, we’re not saying that you, too, should agree on everything in your life. However, if you at least know that they have in mind and try to set up a few boundaries, it’ll help your relationship stay healthy even though you’re not physically with each other.


Talking About Your End Game


Committing yourself to an LDR is not taboo that’ll get you into trouble, nor is it against norms – however, it does take at least some effort. So before you dive into it, think about your end goal and try discussing it with your partner. If you want a fun fling that’ll last you a few months, then go ahead! However, if you’re going to have a deep and emotional long-term relationship, you probably want to discuss it with your partner. Talk about all the possibilities if ever it does work out and start from there.


Do you see a future with them? Are they willing to move in with one another? That way, you can decide if you want to stay or cut your losses before you end up wasting time and crying at 3 am beside a tub of ice cream.


Go On Online Dates!


Technology is a beautiful creation! It allows us to connect with our loved ones instantly through a quick call or text. Make sure to utilize this fact and go on regular online dates with your partner!

Find a spot that compliments you, have good lighting and eat together, talk, or even hop on a screen share and watch a movie together through Netflix! The opportunities are endless, and your dates can be a great way to establish your bond further and know more about each other.


Make Them Aware Of Your Schedule


Communication is important. Ensure that they know what your schedule is for the day and make sure to know theirs. That way, you’d understand why they aren’t responding to your calls and messages, and you don’t have any misunderstandings. This also lets you know when both of you are free to hang out and talk!


Start And End Your Day With Them


As mushy and cliche as it sounds, starting the day off with a good morning text and ending it by talking to them and asking them about their day, can deepen your bond. There are times when your schedule will be incredibly hectic, and you can’t talk to them for most of the morning and afternoon, but if you still do this, you can again feel connected.


Care Packages And Cute Letters


This one is optional but will help make your partner feel fuzzy and warm inside. Sending them cute handwritten letters about how much you love them or care packages with pictures of you and a few more goodies can affirm them. This is a way you can show your partner that you love them despite not physically with them!


Ignore Negativity


In any relationship, LDR or not, there are going to be naysayers and negativity thrown at you. Please don’t listen to what other people are saying about your relationship unless it makes sense. Long-distance relationships can work, and it all depends on how committed you are to making it work.


When you’re listening to the negative things that people say won’t help you in any form.


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