NYC Art and Museum enthusiasts should be ecstatic to hear things are opening again in NYC! With the recent announcement that indoor cultural activities have been allowed to reopen, many art buffs that have been cooped up in their homes are ecstatic! Museums are now allowed to take up art-loving New Yorkers despite the attendance being limited to 25% capacity.


Many museums will be reopening over the coming weeks with multiple safety protocols, timed entry, and early ticket booking to make sure that everyone stays safe and healthy amidst the pandemic.


NYC Art and Museum


With all of that in mind, get ready to grab your face masks and alcohol, and indulge in five of New York’s best art museums and upcoming exhibitions!


Brooklyn Museum-Studio 54: Night Magic


One of the oldest museums to have ever opened in Brooklyn, they’ve been in business serving the people of New York City masterful sculptures and works of art since 1893. With plenty of renovations, changes, and additions in their gallery since then, they were going to this historic art museum that would feel like a sin. Changes like the glass roof of Martha A. and the pavilion of Robert S., really pull the place together.


They have loads of different exhibitions that can’t tickle anyone’s fancy, including exhibits that showcase photography, fashion, and even film! However, the part that has caught the attention of many excited citizens and museum buffs is Studio 54.


Being a massive part of Manhattan’s nightlife, seeing what the uninhibited partying from that era looked like is an excellent display of what we have to look forward to once we’re allowed to go outside again!


New Museum-Jordan Casteel: Within Reach


Having been the home for contemporary art and new ideas for over 40 years now, the New Museum is reopening with a new exhibition that you should not miss. Bringing together almost 40 of her works from her most celebrated series “Visible Man” to “Nights in Harlem,” this will be Jordan Casteel’s first exhibition in New York.


The exhibition, along with the ones presented last January and February, will be up until the end of the year. Don’t worry if you don’t check it out right away cause you have plenty of time to indulge in viewing these exhibitions!


Museum of Modern Art-Handles


The museum of Modern Art has always been about celebrating creativity and inclusivity in the world of art. The level of diversity in each of their exhibitions is phenomenal and will always leave you wanting more afterward. Handles, in particular, is no exception from this!


This exhibition from the Berlin-based Korean artist Haegue Yang is part of their October 2019 collection and a lot more classics and other portraits. This exhibition is a combination of sculptures and eye-catching geometric shapes.


The name “Handles” is based on the handles of doors that are literal catalysts for movement and change, which fits as this was based on the birdsong captured in 2018 during the tense political talks between North and South Korea.


American Museum of Natural History-T. Rex


If you haven’t been to this museum, you’re missing out on a lot. We all know that going to visit their exhibitions with halls filled with meteorites, dioramas of African elephants, and even the enormous blue whale is always breathtaking for people who have been here before. However, a new exhibit is going to make your stay even more worthwhile!


T. rex: The Ultimate predator, is the museum’s way of celebrating their anniversary. Being the go-to place for New Yorkers to see dinosaurs, this is a phenomenal addition that will probably be the center of attention once it reopens!


Life-sized models, fossils, and the evolution from hatchling to killing machine, this is one exhibit that you should not miss.


Metropolitan Museum of Art-In Pursuit of Fashion


Ending the list with one of NYC’s most well-known and significant museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Holding over 4.7 million visitors a year for the past 150 years, the credentials themselves have high regard.


In Pursuit of Fashion: The Sandy Schreier Collection will have you craving for a wardrobe change for fall as they present serene-looking dresses from the Costume Institute’s 2019 exhibition.


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