Are you looking for some new dishes to tickle your taste buds this week? Well, we got your cover! We’ve rounded up a list of new dish recommendations you should try this week. Here are some new dish recommendations to try this week in NYC!


New Dish Recommendations


If you’re looking for some great NYC food guides, here’s our current new dish recommendations that you will enjoy if you’re eating out in New York City this week!


Goat Curry at Good Vibes


Good Vibes is a-little-over-a-week old Jamaican restaurant that opened last October 10 in Central Harlem. They offer different mains, but we recommend that you try their goat curry.


It is a perfect combination of dense and spicy and has a generous serving of meat. You can get this mouthwatering goat curry for only $12. Trying this dish will surely make your week!


Brisket, mushroom, and red wine pie at Bourke Street Bakery


This pie is a staple in the menu of Bourke Street Bakery in Sydney. But in NYC, it’s given a ‘special occasion’ only status because of the location and the lower demand. Still, we are thankful that we get to experience this pie because this is indeed a taste to behold!


The chunky beef stew is sealed inside a crust with a buttery bottom and a flaky top. When you order it by the sidewalk, it’s warmth will complement the wonderful experience as it melts in your mouth!


You can also try their sausage – on the go or frozen.


Makdous Peppers at Tanoreen


If you haven’t tried Tanoreen’s makdous pepper’s plate, then set a day this week for it Tanoreen is an established Middle Eastern spot in Bay Ridge, and you’ll miss out on a lot of things if you haven’t tried them out yet.


The makdous peppers include two roasted jalapeno and poblano peppers that are hollowed out and stuffed with bits of red pepper, walnuts, and harissa paste. Each bite is like a bite of perfection because of the blend of spicy and the meaty wallop in every bite!


They surely set the bar high when it comes to stuffed pepper dishes. Get this for only $18.


Spicy cumin lamb noodles at the Noodle


This newly opened restaurant in Harlem shows much promise with its spicy lamb noodles. The perfectly tender thin slices of lamb along with the julienned green papaya make this noodle dish stand out among the rest. You can get this delicious noodle dish for takeout.


Wagyu beef corn dog at Olmsted


This one of a kind wagyu beef corn dog is indeed one for the books. For only $16, you get a massive Wagyu beef corn dog that is held together by three skewers. This corndog is not good for the wagyu beef itself because even its coating is good enough to eat alone on the side.


Mortadella pizzette fritte at Kimika


The uniqueness of this dish will surely leave a distinct taste in your mouth that will keep wanting back. Kimika is a Japanese-Italian restaurant known for its fried pizzas.


The crust is fried and is golden brown, then added with pistachio-dotted mortadella (no luncheon meat is better than mortable!) and accentuated with a dark miso sauce that adds traces of wetness across its pink exposed surfaces. Get this goodie for only $19!


Chicken thighs at Market Bistro


This recently added menu at the Market Bistro is surely making a name for itself. For only $26, you get a braised chicken thigh dish bathed with generous amounts of tomato sauce.


The sauce perfectly complements the bone-in meat. And there’s more! The black olives and pancetta give you varying degrees of umami and brine.


Masala lamb burger at Rahi


This Rahi lamb burger is the bomb! The meat melts in your mouth and is bursting with flavor. And when we say flavor, we mean the crushed coriander seeds, mintchutney, and the herbs impeccably come together to complement this sumptuous burger. It comes along with some spicy chips, too!


French fries with special sauce at Pommes Frites


Add more flavor to your already delicious fries by adding the special sauce. On top of your beautiful twice-fried French fries are generous quantities of thick mayo, ketchup, and white onions. You should get one this week, or else you can’t stop thinking about it.


Red chili doughnut at Ursula


Get yourself a hold of this red chili doughnut. This is truly a spectacle in Ursula’s breakfast menu – one that is recommended by the workers and one that surely won’t disappoint.


So if you didn’t know what to eat, or where to eat in NYC, this article on the New Dish Recommendations to Try this Week in NYC should have you off on your next great meal adventure!

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