Another season is yet to unfold, and it requires extra care for your garden. If you’re not sure how to grow a fall or winter garden here in NYC, this fall gardening To-Do list is for you! Many property owners and apartment dwellers love their gardens, and in the fall and winter months, extra care is needed in our cold environment.


Fall Gardening To-Do List


Make use of the fall season and prepare for winter with this to-do list.


Do an honest evaluation of your garden


Since fall is suitable for planting, it’s time to reassess which plants you’ll continue growing and which one you’ll have to let go of. Ask yourself what worked for you this year, and what do you want to repeat this year? Once you have the list, you can use it as a guide for what you will shop for the next spring.


It’s also good to evaluate which plants need to be divided, which plants should be moved to another spot, or where you need more privacy or to cover not such pretty views. You can then plan the position of your plants accordingly.


Fix bare or dead patches in your lawn


If your garden area is small, you scratch it up and re-seed. But if you have a large garden area, then you’ll have to till the land before you re-seed.


Do some planting


Fall is a good condition to do some planting – the soil is still warm, and the relatively cool air temperatures can help make a healthy root for your plant.


It’s also a good time to plant some spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and more. You can plant these bulbs at least two or three times deep as they are tall. Ensure that your area or pot has good drainage and add some fertilizer for a healthy root development


For tender bulbs like dahlias, cannas, and gladiolus, you have to carefully dig them up. Do this after the flora is killed by the frost but before the ground freezes. Make sure that any soil in the roots is rinsed away.


Take care of your fall visitors.


Asian ladybugs and boxelder bugs usually find homes in your foliage. They are not harmful; they don’t reproduce, and they don’t feen on flood or clothing. But if you are still annoyed by them, use your vacuum to get rid of them.


Bring in plants you want to keep inside the house.


Since winter is coming, bring in plants you want to keep inside your home. Before you bring them in, make sure you are able to get rid of any insects. To do this, you can spray them away using water. Then you’ll have to cut off dead leaves before you spray with insecticidal soap. Do not use a block of dish soap because it will damage the leaves.


Dispose of diseased foliage


Look for diseased foliage in the garden and dispose of them. Do not mix them with your compost because most compost piles do not heat enough to kill the disease. This can increase the risk of making it spread back to your garden next year.


The best way to dispose of it is to gather all the diseased foliage. Place them in a bag, seal tight and dispose of it in the trash.


Continue to water your garden.


The roots of your plants are still actively growing this season. Plants like the evergreen perennials, shrubs and trees, and other plants you’ve planted recently will have to be watered before the ground freezes.


Rake, shred, and mulch with leaves


Fall is a good natural mulch provider since many leaves fall from the trees during this season. Leaves from trees like maple, sycamore, oak trees, and the like take a long time to decompose, so it should be raked out of your garden and mowed to your lawn


If left in the garden, there is a possibility that they will smother your grass and perennials. It is recommended that the shredded leaves will be spread back into the garden beds in late fall to serve as mulch before the ground freezes.


This will help you control your weeds, insulate your plants all throughout winter, and fertilize the soil as they break down. There are definitely some things you need to do to tend to your garden this fall. In order to maximize the season and prepare for the next, make sure that you have completed the fall gardening to-do list mentioned above.


Fall Gardening To-Do List


So as the fall is quickly approaching, we hope you found some great ideas in this article on Fall Gardening To-Do List. This will help you maintain an awesome NYC garden! For more gardening tips be sure to visit Local NYC often.

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