With the diverse culture and the multitude of people, Brooklyn is home to many of the greatest restaurants in America. With that being said, for locals and tourists alike who frequent the area, something new will always be appreciated.

Luckily for us, new restaurants are constantly popping up in The Big Apple. In this video, we’ll be looking at five new amazing restaurants in Brooklyn.

1. Eyval

Starting off this list with an underrated Iranian restaurant from the same owners of Sofreh, Eyval is a great spot for people dining solo, thanks to its casual bar environment. Eyval’s food incorporates middle-eastern flavors, emphasizing the use of Persian ingredients like black lime, fava beans, and saffron rice.

This restaurant which features several dishes like eggplant and lamb stew, Potato Tahdig and Octopus Kabob is located at 25 Bogart Street.

2. Santa Fe Brooklyn

Santa Fe in Brooklyn is a simple but well-worth visiting newly opened restaurant. They finally opened for full-service dinner back in April, and both locals and tourists have been giving them a try. They serve breakfast burrito and green chile cheeseburgers perfect for on-the-go customers, but they also have a great dining experience.

Santa Fe is the perfect spot to enjoy and unwind after a stressful week of work. They have hearty bites and soulful drinks like their margarita, queensmoot, and New Mexico Piñon Coffee to pair with.

3. Wenwen

From the same team that brought East Village’s 886, Wenwen is another Taiwanese restaurant, but it focuses on native Taiwanese food. Dishes like a whole fried chicken, pork belly with cuttlefish, crispy fried tofu, celtuce salad, and more are available for a truly native Taiwanese experience.

Some say that dining in this restaurant brings back memories from the early 90s and a bite of their dishes brings you back to the first days of the country’s rapid growth. Although that’s too deep of a take for many, it’s an exciting way to describe this lighter offshoot of the rowdy 886.

4. Al Badawi

Al Badawi is another restaurant that serves great dishes with saffron rice and a middle-eastern touch. This restaurant is named after the world’s oldest olive tree and inspired by it. They serve group-sized portions that fill both the heart and the stomach. Like the olive tree, they also cater to nearly 100 people between their indoor and outdoor tables.

Serving kebabs, shawarma, mansaf, and other dishes with Palestinian flatbreads, Al Badawi is located in Cobble Hill, 151 Atlantic Avenue.

5. Gee’s Caribbean Restaurant

Last but not the least is Gee’s Caribbean Restaurant, a restaurant born thanks to the banding of former employees and the manager of Gloria’s, which closed down in 2020 after years of a legal battle.

Indeed continuing the spirit of the Caribbean cuisine that started in Gloria’s, Gee’s serves a plethora of flavorful dishes like their Curry Chicken, Beef Stew Roti, and their Oxtail Roti. If you’re looking for an exciting restaurant with unique flavors, this is the spot.

Check out the video below, and be sure to watch our other trending videos on YouTube!

Author: Carol