There are lots of things you can do in Midtown Manhattan. But it’s also the place to be if you are up for some food adventure on a budget.


Of course, that would mean 10 dollars or less when we say on a budget. Join us on our quest for the best Midtown Manhattan Budget Bites.


Our first stop is a coffee shop. When in Manhattan, try 10,000 Coffee. It is a coffee brand from Sydney, and it has been well-loved since its opening. No wonder they’ve been very busy.


It has wonderful exteriors with a modern minimalistic feel. One unique thing about 10,000 Coffee is their bean cards that give you the exact details of your coffee blend – from acidity, bitterness, sweetness, and even the aftertaste.


They never run out of treats for you because you get a free sweet on the side when you order any of their signature coffee.


We’ve tried their Espresso Cream Latte for $6.50, Panella Latte for $6.00, and their Colombia Pour Over for $ 6.50 – and all of them are beyond our expectations. A 5-star!


And for our next stop – Little Italy Pizza. It’s located right across from the Empire State Building, so after you visit that famous landmark, treat yourself to any of Little Italy’s pizzas.


Whatever you try, you’ll take notice of their crust – you’ll love the crunch in every bite!


Go get a bite of their Grandma Slice. Little Italy Pizza is surely a hit if you’re a fan of thin-crust pizzas.


The third one is the Melt Stop. Try their Classic Grilled Cheese – American and Cheddar Cheese on white bread. And you get to enjoy it for only $5.99!


This might sound like a very simple meal, but we assure you that their high-quality cheese makes all the difference! It’s simplicity at its best!


And last but definitely not the least – Adel’s Famous Halal Food. When you get a bite of their food, you’d ask yourself, where have they been all my life?!


This street food is definitely something when you see New Yorkers lining up for it.


We tried their Combo Rice which we got for $8.96. It has lamb, little pieces of pita, chicken, spicy rice, lettuce, and a generous amount of yogurt sauce.


We’d say this is one of the best halal foods Midtown Manhattan has to offer. Ahhh, it’s very flavorful; you’ll be blown away. So, when you get to visit here, include this on the list of your must-tries.


If you want to experience dinner for a king but at a very affordable price, take some Adel’s Halal food to your hotel room.


If you’re a tourist and want a real taste of New York, this is it!

Line up and enjoy this one!


There you go. Enjoying delicious foods need not be expensive. With these affordable eats, you get to enjoy New York, not just through its tourist attractions but also with its delectable treats.

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Author: Carol