Most of the time, people would say they don’t let the stereotypes fool you, but that isn’t the case for Brooklyn and their burgers. The stereotypes are true, and they’re just as good as you can probably imagine.

With arguably some of the best burgers globally, we’ll be listing down 5 of the best burger joints in Brooklyn.

1. The Stuy Burger

Named after The Stuy, or Bed-Stuy, one of the most iconic locations in New York, filled with rich history, even richer tasting food, and very diverse culture. This quality is something that The Stuy Burger reflects.

They serve a number of unique choices that all have their own appeal. From the Mediterranean Burger, that’s an impossible burger served with Greek seasoning and black olive and served on a garlic brioche, to their jerk seasoned turkey burger. Of course, their flavorful beef burgers, there’s a lot to choose from.

2. Black Iron Burger

The Black Iron Burger is a perfect choice to consider for a more luxurious pick. Their Mushroom Truffle burger is made with high-quality beef and complemented by mushroom duxelles, truffle tapenade, truffle mayo, swiss cheese, bacon bits, and topped off by caramelized onions, a bite of this Burger is to die for.

Their burgers are also complemented by their specialty cocktails, draft beer, and sides like truffle cheese fries, chimichurri fries, and the classic onion rings.

3. Brooklyn Burgers & Beer

Located on 5th Avenue, Brooklyn Burgers & Beer is a family-friendly restaurant. They have a special lunch deal that allows you to choose your Burger, add two toppings, choose your sauce, aside, and a cookie on Tuesdays to Fridays.

Following this, you can also build your own Burger if you aren’t keen on the signature burgers on their menu. However, we do suggest that you try out their B&B Burger and Blue Moon Burger.

4. Fulton Burger

Fulton Burger is another gourmet burger joint. It’s located in the heart of one of the most famous neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Dumbo. Although they have several amazing signature burgers on their menu, like the Blue Cheeseburger, Salmon Burger, and Turkey Burger, their iconic and classic Burger remains a must-try.

Made with 100% Angus beef, their patty is the juicy, tender, and flavorful bite you might be looking for. They also have vegan and gluten-free options available for people with dietary restrictions.

5. BurgerFi

As another concept joint on this list, BurgerFi is a redefining way to eat burgers. Like the rest on this list, they have great classic burgers and an amazing patty and bun, but their concept makes them unique. BurgerFi prides itself in creating food in an eco-friendly environment while providing the best burger experience.

Their must-try Burger is the breakfast all-day burger with bacon, fried egg, hash brown, grilled onions, American cheese, and ketchup.

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Author: Carol