Mexico is one of the best countries to visit when you’re doing it right. There’s plenty to explore and experience, and it’s relatively affordable compared to many. In this video, we’ll be looking at five places you should visit when in the country.

1. Cancun

Frequented by tourists and even celebrities, Cancun is a tropical destination. It’s a go-to spot for people who want to enjoy their summer under the sun and have everything active vacationers want.

Cancun has 5-star resorts, great beaches, white sand, nightclubs, and lush jungles and trails. If you’re visiting during December to April, the weather in Cancun is perfect.

2. Mexico City

There’s no visiting Mexico if you’re not dropping by the most populated city for at least a day or two. Rich in history and culture, Mexico City, is the spot for amazing food and world-class hotels.

They have everything: From high-end shops in the luxurious neighborhood of Polanco to the affordable streets filled with amazing street food like elote, tamales, chalupas, and tacos.

3. Tulum

Another beach destination on this list; is Tulum, is home to the most famous waterfront of Mexico: The Mayan Ruins. They have all kinds of resorts and hotels you can stay in, and you can make it work with any type of budget.

Adding to the usual white sand beaches, beautiful huts, and sunbathing, one can also explore ancient ruins and underwater caves around the Yucatan Peninsula.

4. Guanajuato

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage city, this city filled with subterranean streets, tunnels, and mountains full of colorful houses is true to the charming nature of Mexican architecture. Almost any corner in Guanajuato is eye candy if you’re looking for a unique instagrammable place.

If busy plazas, colonial buildings, cobblestone roadways, and festivals are your vacation idea, Guanajuato is ideal.

5. Manzanillo

Last but definitely not last on this list is an Anglers Paradise. Manzanillo is recognized as a world-class deep-sea fishing destination, but it’s also great for the simple tourist. Water sports like snorkeling and kayaking are great for anyone looking to do something else besides fishing.

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Author: Carol