Chelsea is bustling with people, tourist destinations, and more than enough choices when it comes to food. In this video, we’ll be listing down five must-try places to dine at in Chelsea.

1. Pepe Giallo

First on this list is an underrated restaurant but a great representation of what Chelsea culinary is. Brimming with Italian influence, Chelsea has always had one of the best Italian restaurants that aren’t as expensive and luxurious as other places.

Pepe Giallo is located by the edge of the gallery district and is one of the best options to visit when in the area. From antipasti to pizzas and paninis, you’re bound to be satisfied by this homely Italian restaurant.

2. Swagat

Swagat is a steam-table establishment, but don’t let this fool you. It’s arguably one of—if not the best Indian dining options in the area. Swagat is a breath of fresh air in the area—a perfect contrast to the Italian majority of Chelsea’s culinary options.

A combination of a meat dish, a vegetable dish, dal, basmati rice, and naan is the go-to option. If you’re undecided about what meat dish to pick out, their lamb curry is a must-try.

3. Ovest Pizzoteca

Ovest Pizzoteca has been operating for more than ten years already. They’re one of the first to open up in the gallery district and have been serving amazing food since operations began.

Ovest has a great atmosphere, embracing the warehouse look and incorporating a bar with cocktails, beer, and wine that complement the pizza greatly.

4. Jun-Men Ramen

Jun-Men Ramen’s bowls are filled with rich, milky broth and yellowish, slightly chewy, but still firm noodles—just the way it’s supposed to be. If you’re looking for a warm and hearty all-in-one meal, Jun-Men Ramen is definitely for you.

Trying out appetizers like their kale salad and crunchy chicken wings also adds to the experience.

5. Fonda

Fonda is as authentic as a Mexican restaurant can get. They serve amazing authentic Mexican meals like enchiladas suizas, carne asada con hongos, and their carnitas de Fonda, a skillet braised pork shoulder with salsa verde, pickled poblano peppers, charro beans, and tortillas.

Fonda also has great vegetarian and vegan options such as their hongos, soft corn tortillas filled with epazote and sauteed mushrooms, queso fresco, and pasilla de Oaxaca salsa.

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Author: Carol