Are you a fan of eating raw seafood? What does ceviche sound or taste like?

Ceviche’s origins can be traced back to Peru and Ecuador. They have their ceviche marinated with citrus and made even more delicious with chiles and onions. Other cultures also have their versions – the Crudo of Venice, poke of Hawai’i, kinilaw of the Philippines, and Japan’s sashimi.

If you’re a New Yorker craving some delicious ceviche right now, here’s where you can eat them.

1. Mission Ceviche

This Manhattan restaurant is known for its raw fish dish. They’ve come a long way from being a pair of downtown food court stalls. Aside from ceviche, they also offer Japanese-Peruvian tartes and tiraditos. Tiraditos is a dish with raw tuna and passion fruit milk, made even more beautiful with its flower garnish.

Don’t miss out on these dishes when visiting this restaurant!

2. Kausa

Kausa, a Peruvian restaurant known for its ceviches, surely knows how to differentiate them from the Mexican version. They make use of lemon or bitter orange and add potatoes, hominy, sweet potatoes, or corn kernels to give their ceviches a distinct taste that’s one of their own.

They offer seven varieties of ceviche and four varieties of tiradito – all with the hint of that fruity taste that perfectly tickles your taste buds.

3. Ruta Oaxaca Mexican Cuisine

Ruta Oaxaca delivers great-tasting ceviches that are prepared the Mexican way. Don’t be fooled by its pink outdoor façade. The beach vibe brought about by its interiors will set the mood while you enjoy their Mexican offerings.

They have ceviches made of shrimp and squid, with red chiles for the spice and cherry tomatoes for the sweetness.

4. Cielito Astoria

Pair your ceviches with cocktail drinks as you enjoy the night at Cielito Astoria. They are known for their Golfo de California ceviches, aguachiles, cocteles, birria tacos, and chilorio. Nothing beats these dishes when partnered with a beer or cocktail.

5. El Submarino

El Submarino’s ceviche is special with the addition of tostadas and agua chiles alongside ceviches made from fish, shrimp, and octopus. They are known for their logo (a playful picture of a submarine with a handlebar mustache), but they are well remembered for their own version of Mexican ceviche.

There are not many NYC restaurants offering ceviches, but going to any of the ones mentioned above will surely be worth the trip.

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Author: Carol