Whatever cuisine you are looking for, you can find it here in the East Village. East Village is a mecca of different cuisines – Chinese, Mexican, European, Albanian, Portuguese, Himalayan – name it, and chances are you can find it there.

Their restaurants are a culmination of their immigrant population. That’s why it’s no wonder that younger New Yorkers are drawn to the area to try something new.

Here are our top 5 choices of restaurants to try in East Village.

1. Yellow Rose

It is safe to say that this restaurant is pandemic proof. This restaurant was brave enough to open in late 2020 and has survived through one of the worst times. You will understand why if you get a taste of what they are offering.

Bean-and-cheese tacos, chili con queso, interesting salads, and sandwiches with wild boar – you’re definitely in for some Central Texan treats.

2. Veeray Da Dhaba

If you are craving some Indian cuisine, don’t miss Veeray Da Dhaba. This restaurant is the brainchild of renowned veterans Sonny Solomon, Hemant Mathur, and Binder Saini.

Think about those steam tables in Indian buffets. Veeray Da Dhaba is like that, but just a notch higher. The restaurant takes pride in its goat biryani, saag paneer, fish fry from Amritsar, and its very own version of tandoori chicken

3. Salma

Joining the neighborhood’s Lebanese café, Salma is a cut above the rest with its blue-tiled tables and intimate bar. Their menu is an art in itself, offering their clientele unique plot twists that will entice their palate.

If you visit after 11:30 am, try their specialty grazing platters with a pot of mint tea. Their grazing platter includes fava beans seasoned with lemon and olive oil. Labneh sandwich, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a sweet pastry called knefeh.

4. Hearth

Do you love meat? Are you looking for a brunch or a date spot? If both answers are yes, then Hearth is the perfect place for you. Chef Marco Canora offers a mouth-watering Florentine bollito misto – composed of meat and skewers accompanied by an herby green salsa.

5. Hasaki

Craving for sushi? Then head to Hasaki. It was opened by none other than the godfather of East Village’s Little Tokyo – Bon Yagi. Hasaki is known for its bargain omakase menu with traditional nigiri sushi and a few surprises based on their daily fish assortment. If you want something Japanese, this is the place to be!

Whatever cuisine you are craving, East Village will have those options ready for you.

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Author: Carol