Thai cuisine has always been known to marry sweet, sour, hot, and salty. It always has this distinct taste that will leave an impression on your taste buds. This perfect harmony is the reason why Thai restaurants in NYC are thriving.

Good thing that there’s no shortage of Thai restaurants in NYC. Here are five Thai restaurants you can visit if you’re looking for that Thai fix.

1. Jai Sang Ma

Jai Sang Ma is two powerhouse restaurants rolled into one. The Mao Mao in Bushnick and Lamoon in Elmhurst and their owners decided to open Jai Sang Ma together last January.

They now specialize in Thai skewers that are mostly priced at $2.50. Treat yourself with some Nuat Pla Meuk (squid skewers), Moo Ping Nam Pheung (honey pork), Kun Kai (chicken gizzards), and Gung (shrimp).

Aside from skewers, you also enjoy street food specialties like Bamee Moo Dang (roasted pork noodles) and Leng Zaap (spicy pork spine soup) – a Lamoon signature dish.

2. Glur Thai

If you’re vegan but want Thai food, you’re lucky that Glur Thai does their vegan Thai food right. You don’t have to worry about the lack of fish sauce flavor, the oddly chewy vegan proteins, or the absence of dried shrimp leaves because Glur Thai doesn’t have this problem.

Try their Ground Impossible Gra Prow, Vegan Khao Mun Gai Tod (Hainanese chicken), and their Vegan Curry Puff.

3. Ayada

However you want your Thai food, Ayada can do it for you. Get their Crispy Catfish Salad – deep-fried groundfish made even better with sour mango and butty cashews. They’ll always make it right for your taste, whether you want it spicy or funky. What to order here?

4. Eim Khao Mun Kai

This eatery is street food-inspired. Their specialty, Khao Mun Kai (Thai version of Hainanese chicken and rice), is a must-try. You’ll never go wrong with their chicken offerings – be it steamed, fried, or roasted – you’ll always go out of this eatery “eim” (means full in Thai).

5. Khao Nom

Khao Nom is known to be NYC’s best destination for Thai desserts. Some delectable offerings are their Corn Fritters, Thai-style Curry Puffs, Black Sticky Rice Pudding, and Pandan Tapioca Noodles. When translated to English, Khao Nom means dessert, and that’s exactly what they are offering.

With these five Thai restaurants, you’ll get that craving fixed quickly!

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Author: Carol