Most of the time, movies are filmed in sets and areas specifically built for them, but sometimes the filmmakers decide to use a location in real life. In this video, we’ll be listing down five iconic movie locations in NYC that you HAVE to visit.

5. Central Park

The first one on this list is not only one of the most iconic parks ever but also one of the most frequented places in New York by visitors, tourists, locals, and of course, moviemakers. Central Park is featured in movies like Maid in Manhattan, Serendipity, Love Story, Enchanted, and so many more.

4. Rockefeller Center

Many movies have filmed a scene or two in the Rockefeller Center, but none of them beats Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. The scene where Kevin reunites with his mother is one of the most memorable scenes in all of Christmas movies history, and Rockefeller Center has also become more iconic because of it.

3. Times Square

When we say times square, we immediately think of billboards, skyscrapers, and a crowd. This is exactly why movies such as Captain America, Spider-Man 3, and Vanilla Sky decided to film in the area. Definitely a must-visit!

2. The Plaza Hotel

If you’ve seen Home Alone 2—and we’re sure you have—then you’ve definitely seen The Plaza Hotel. This is the location where Kevin McCallister splurged on a stay-cation with his father’s credit card.

1. Tiffany’s

Although a majority of the film doesn’t really take place in the actual building, Tiffany’s has become one of—if not the most—iconic places in film history.

First, because it’s a part of one of the most iconic and memorable movies to have been made with one of the most legendary actors in all of Hollywood.

Second, Because it has become a constant in the list of places women of all ages want to visit at least once.

Lastly, you can now actually eat breakfast at Tiffany’s. To be more specific, the Blue Box Cafe is located by Tiffany’s, where you can enjoy their signature eggshell blue.

What about you? What movie spots are your favorite? Leave a comment down below.

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Author: Carol