Michelin Stars and New York City are two things together that make sense. From Sushi places to French restaurants, we’ll list down 5 Michelin Star Restaurants in New York that you have to try.

1. Jean-Georges

First on this list is the flagship French restaurant of Jean-Georges Vongerichten with two Michelin Stars.

Owned by one of the world’s most famous chefs, this restaurant located in Central Park West has also been awarded four stars by the New York Times. Jean-Georges has a seasonal menu that’s highly dependent on the local farmer’s market, but anything you try is guaranteed to be worth it.

2. Kochi

Kochi, a restaurant with two Michelin Stars, takes pride in its Korean roots. Inspired by traditional Korean cuisine, Kochi offers a nine-course tasting menu of skewered dishes built on seasonality and balance.

If you’re looking for something unique and explorative but not so alien, this is the spot.

3. Kajitsu

Kajitsu is a vegan Shojin restaurant with one Michelin Star. Translating to “A Day of Celebration” or “Fine Day” in Japanese, Kajitsu lives up to its name as it’s a go-to for guests on special occasions.

Although it’s still traditional, It isn’t the traditional Japanese restaurant you would go to. The food is just beyond, and since it’s based on Shojin, the presentation is also as beautiful as its flavors.

4. Sushi Noz

When you hear the words Sushi and New York, Sushi Noz is a name that immediately rings. It got its Michelin Star thanks to its balance of excellence in quality and fine craftsmanship.

Anything served to you in Sushi Noz is a must-try as all their ingredients are chosen with passion and precision, resulting in a menu that’s close to perfection.

5. The Clocktower

Last but definitely not least is The Clocktower. From just the looks of the restaurant, you’ll already see why it has a Michelin Star.

But aside from interior design and a beautiful atmosphere, The Clocktower has an amazing dry-aged burger, a number of high-quality steaks, and their must-try fish and chips that are like no other.

Do you have a favorite on our list? Share it in the comment section! What about you?

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Author: Carol