A meal can be great and all, but an amazing view will make it perfect. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at five restaurants in New York City with a great view.

1. Gaonnuri

First on this list is a Korean restaurant situated in a penthouse. Gaonnuri has a perfect panoramic view of the skyline in Midtown, but they also have a menu that’s just as amazing as the view.

Their Korean barbecue selection is a must-try.

2. The Hudson

The Hudson has a great view of an amazing waterfront in Dyckman Marina. It’s located inside Inwood Park, and they have an assortment of dishes on their menu. The Hudson has a sushi menu inspired by Caribbean cuisine, and they also have iced and frozen drinks and great cocktails.

3. Manhatta

After closing down during the pandemic, Manhatta has reopened its doors to customers again; this time focusing more on bar food to pair with their expanded menu of drinks.

This restaurant provides a great relaxing view of Downtown Manhattan where you can see several of the buildings that make up the skyline.

4. Grand Banks

If a waterfront view is your type of view, Grand Banks will elevate that experience for you. This bar is on a literal boat. You won’t get much of the skyline, but you will have a 360-degree view of the Hudson River.

Their drinks are great but go easy on the alcohol. Drinking too much and a boat slightly rocking back and forth isn’t exactly a great combination.

5. Saga

Last but surely not least on this list is Saga, a spot with one of the most stunning nighttime views in all of New York. Saga is a high-demand location which means it’ll be hard to get a reservation, but it’s definitely well worth it.

Saga also has great food, serving mainly modern European cuisine with dashes of North African, Latin American, and Japanese.

What about you? What’s your favorite restaurant with a great view? Share it with us by commenting down below.

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Author: Carol