Asian Desserts are some of the best in the world. From Halo-halo to Mochi and many more, there’s a long list of amazing desserts. The same can be said for choices in New York, so we’ve made a list of 5 Asian desserts you have to try just to make things easier.

1. The Phaktong Sangkaya from 3 Aunties Thai Market

The Phaktong Sangkaya, or Thai pumpkin custard, is a deliciously creamy dessert. It’s a silky smooth coconut milk-based custard steamed directly in a kabocha squash.

The Phaktong Sangkaya may seem intimidating upon description, but it’s essentially just a deconstructed pumpkin pie.

2. The Dadar Gulung in Indo Java

The Dadar Gulung, often called the Indonesian coconut pancake, is a must-try. Its color usually range from pandan green to lighter or darker, and it’s one of the most popular snacks in Indonesia.

Dadar means omelette or pancake, and gulung means roll. Indo Java’s version is a spongy, shredded coconut filled bite.

3. The Kuih from Little House Cafe

Kuih often denotes a variety of bite-sized desserts such as puddings, cookies, and several deserts usually made with glutinous rice.

Little House Cafe’s kuih is very colorful and vibrant. They have Kuih Lapis, Kuih Pulut Tekan, and Kuih Sago among others.

4. The Mochi from Cha-An Bon Bon

Mochi is amazing. Everyone knows that. Cha-An Bon Bon understands this, hence why they make sure that theirs is top of the top when it comes to quality.

Must-tries in Cha-An Bon Bon are the mitarashi dango, ichigo daifuku, and the shiratama mochi with matching matcha ice cream.

5. The Delicious Doughnuts from Kora

If you think there’s nothing better than the traditional Filipino desserts, Kora’s will change your mind. What began as a passion project, turning classics like halo-halo, buko pandan, and leche flan into doughnuts, has prospered into a frequented option.

If you want to try a number of Filipino desserts all in one go, Kora’s delicious doughnuts inspired by them is the way to go.

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Author: Carol