New York City and its five boroughs offer plenty of restaurants and spots. It can be overwhelming to choose, so we’re doing that for you.

In this video, we’ll list five brunch spots in New York City you must try at least once.

1. Bica Cafe

Starting with Bica Cafe by Ipanema, this Brazilian and Portuguese joint opened its kitchens to customers again after a two-year hiatus during the pandemic. With a fresh start in mind, they decided to bring a modernized menu to the table and introduce Bica Cafe to complement the restaurant.

Croissants, empanadas, sandwiches, bowls, and pastel de nata are all must-tries in this cafe..

2. Mariscos El Submarino

Mariscos may not be in your picture of a great brunch, but you’ll change your mind once you try El Submarinos. Their freshly picked seafood, complemented by their iconic Clamato with hot sauce, Maggi, and lime, is the perfect hangover meal and an underrated brunch choice.

3. Jing Fong

Once you can try their dim sum staples, there’s no going back. They were once Chinatown’s largest restaurant before they decided to move to a smaller space by Centre Street. That means they’re already used to serving many people while maintaining quality.

If a good, hearty brunch is what you’re looking for, Jing Fong and their siu mai, silky egg tofu, and chicken feet are great choices to try out.

4. Dawa’s

If you haven’t tried pillowy momos yet, this is the sign. Traditional Bhutanese dumplings filled with roasted butternut squash and sage, and a texture similar to that of the Gyoza is a specialty of Dawa’s.

Aside from their momos and other traditional Himalayan-inspired dishes, Dawa’s also has American classics to mix up your brunches like their french toast, pancakes, and burgers.

5. Cookshop

Speaking of pancakes and french toast, Cookshop is one of the most well-known spots for classic breakfast dishes that are perfect for brunch.

Although they serve classics, they use caramelized onions, creme fraiche, and other fancy ingredients that elevate them. A must-try!

Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section – we’d love to hear them!

Author: Carol