Everyone knows Korean food is amazing, but there’s just something about Korean Barbecue that sets it apart from the rest of their cuisine. In this video, we’ll take a closer look at 5 Korean Barbecue Restaurants you HAVE to visit in the Big Apple.

1. Mapo Korean B.B.Q.

First on this list is a simple restaurant that embodies what Koreans enjoy in their barbecue. They have plenty of options on their list, but there are only two things that really matter. The Galbi, and the charcoal.

The variety of banchan or side dish may surprise you at first if you aren’t accustomed to Korean dining, but give all of them a try. They elevate the dining experience.

2. Hahm Ji Bach

Hahm Ji Bach has been serving great Korean food since 1999. They’re quite known to the locals because they also happen to have one of the most extensive menus with over 20 marinated and non-marinated cuts.

Must-tries are the spicy gochuijang spare ribs and LA-style Galbi, a slab of rib cut through the rib bone, making it easier to marinate and cook quicker.

3. KangTong B.B.Q.

KangTong B.B.Q., like Mapo is a classic Korean barbecue restaurant. Once you step inside KangTong, the colorful plastic chairs and doodle-filled walls will make you begin to feel like you’re in Seoul instead of Queens.

With a classic barbecue restaurant, it’s already expected that they have classic cuts too. Still, KangTong also has less common cuts like their marinated pork belly with small octopus, shellfish, and pork entrails.

4. The Cast Iron Pot

The Cast Iron Pot is exactly what the name says. In this unique Korean barbecue restaurant, you’re left to cook on a sot ttukkeong, the lid of the gamasot, a traditional Korean cast iron.

The Cast Iron pot allows you to cook several types of meat and vegetables with a char you’ll only get from this cooking method.

5. Gan-Hoo B.B.Q.

Last but not least is Gan-Hoo B.B.Q. They’re another one-of-a-kind experience restaurant that takes pride in their Meat Lovers’ Stair Combo where you have 12 different cuts of meat such as beef ribs, chicken wings, mussels, wagyu, pork jowls, pork belly, and more.

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Author: Carol