Making beer is a laborious process and it’s not as easy as you think. Lucky for us, there are great breweries out there that have perfected the craft. In this video, we’ll list down 5 breweries in NYC you must visit.

1. The Bronx Brewery

First on our list is a brewing company that has been honing their craft for more than a decade already. They sell a variety of beers all over the city, but visiting their taproom is just a whole new experience.

Bronx Brewery believes in beer’s power to build community, and it shows in how they operate as a business and brewery. Their El Condado De La Salsa is something you really have to get a sip of.

2. Torch & Crown Brewing Company

Torch & Crown Brewing Company is a massive brewery that opened back in 2020, just when the pandemic started. They’re the only large-scale brewing operation in lower Manhattan, and there’s a good reason why they survived despite all the odds against them.

It is frequented by people from all walks of life. Must-tries are the Almost Famous and the Intersect.

3. Gun Hill Brewing Company

Gun Hill Brewing Company is one of the most underrated picks on this list.

Their Spirit 76,, their Gun Hill IPA, heralded as the best American IPA in New York, and of course their consistently winning Void of Light are the cream of the crop.

4. Big aLICe Brewing

If you’re wondering why it’s capitalized like that, Big aLICe Brewing is named after the neighborhood in Long Island City. They’re known for their refreshing beers like Thanksgiving cranberry sour and Happy Little Galaxies.

5. Fifth Hammer Brewing Company

Last but not the least on this list is Fifth Hammer Brewing Company. It’s been open since 2017 to the people of Long Island City, and it’s known to be an easy spot to drink in.

They have distinct brews to choose from, and they’re fine with customers bringing outside food which is why a few food trucks and pop-ups stay nearby.

What about you? Where’s your favorite beer spot? Share your thoughts in the comment section—we’d love to hear them!

Author: Carol