Indian cuisine is amazing. It’s unique, has amazing blends of flavors, and is often made fresh from scratch.

In this video, we’ll look at five amazing Indian restaurants you must visit in New York City.

1. Doaba Deli

First on this list is Doaba Deli: a simple, no-frills vegetarian restaurant that’s well-loved by many. They serve a variety of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and of course, Indian food.

Doaba Deli has been serving great Punjabi food to locals for over a decade. Although it isn’t a 5-star restaurant, it’s a winner in its own right. If you do decide to visit this deli, their combo of 3 dishes plus roti or rice is the way to go!

2. Indian Accent

Next on this list is a fancier option. Indian Accent is a branch of a restaurant in New Delhi. It’s not every day we get to see a fine-dining Indian cuisine restaurant, but it’s worth it.

Combining flavors from dishes and spices all over India with a sense of innovation and fresh ingredients, Indian Accent is a must-visit for people with a budget!

3. Temple Canteen

Open in 1993, this tenured restaurant is a vegetarian one. Temple Canteen serves South Indian dishes like dosa, uttapam, and various batters, curries, and casseroles.

For extra experience, you can also head upstairs to a Hindu temple where devotees flock every day.

4. Jaz Indian Cuisine

With a focus directed on northern Indian cooking and dashes of inspiration from Balti, a famous style of Indian cooking from the UK, Jaz Indian Cuisine by Jaz Ruppal is also a must-visit.

Chicken shahi korma, tandoori mango shrimp, and lamb shashlik skewers are go-to orders.

5. Patiala Indian Grill

Patiala Indian Grill is an affordable restaurant with a true-to-roots menu that’s great for everyone who loves Indian food. Their chicken tikka masala, bhel puri, and lamb seekh kebab are must-tries.

However, they’re located near Penn Station so expect a lot of people during busy hours—which is most of the time.

What about you? What Indian restaurants do you think people should visit in New York? Share your thoughts in the comment section—we’d love to hear them!

Author: Carol