Sports Bars have a distinct charm to them. Whether you’re in it for certain events like the Superbowl or you simply just want to socialize with people even on regular days, they’re fun and entertaining.

In this video, we’ll be listing down 5 Sports Bars you should consider in New York City.

1. Blondies

First on this list is an iconic Sports Bar for football fans. Not only is it home for Michigan State, Penn State, and Ohio State fans, but it’s also one of the top spots in the city for chicken wings.

They’re also family-friendly and very supportive of the community, so it’s guaranteed that the staff is welcoming!

2. Stan’s Sports Bar

Located just across Yankee Stadium, Stan’s is a very convenient spot for before and afters whenever there are games.

Given their proximity, it’s also no surprise that they’re known as a gathering spot for die-hard Yankee fans. As expected, the wings and the beer are great.

3. The Supply House

The Supply House definitely lives up to its name. From the amazing fried chicken sandwich, crispy wings, salads, the spacious area, and the number of screens, they are all the necessities for a good Sports Bar.
Their large selection of draft beers and cocktails is also great if you just want to have a few drinks while enjoying the game and the company.

4. Treadwell Park

Focusing on craft beer as their main product, Treadwell Park is great for everyone. Not only are multiple TVs running, showing a number of broadcasts at the same time, but there are also several games in the bar, like ping pong, pinball, and other board games.

Treadwell Park has two spots, one in Battery Park and one downtown, with the latter having a larger space.

5. Overlook

With more than 30 HD TVs and two giant jumbotrons, Overlook is an overkill for a Sports Bar. Combine that with their Chicago Bears-themed menu with dishes like Italian beef sandwiches and Chicago-style hotdogs, and it’s a paradise for sports fans.

What about you? What is Sports Bar your go-to? Share your thoughts in the comment section – we’d love to hear them!

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Author: Carol